L.O.C.K.U.P. / Soulis Shooting Integrated Combatives Training

This advanced intensive five day Counter Ambush Deadly Force Encounters course is designed for the street officer. It provides in depth confrontation training combining empty hand combat maneuvers with firearms weapons systems. This program develops a solid foundation of physical manipulation techniques and police fighting skills with high intensity firearms training for the types of close quarter shooting incidents most commonly faced by law officers. Both empty hand and the shooting skills can be used by officers with or without a partner.

Officers learn

  • risk assessment and threat indicators,
  • understanding factors for victory or defeat,
  • controlling and managing fear,
  • physiological and physical changes during combat,
  • fighting maneuvers that meet human responses,
  • fighting techniques and fatigue,
  • physical manipulations,
  • how to prepare accurate reports documenting incidents,
  • four positions of the combat draw,
  • obtaining positions of natural aim,
  • obtaining first/second sight picture,
  • creating cover for yourself,
  • creating three points of contact,
  • grounded mobility,
  • fighting to your feet,
  • integrated fighting concepts of officer survival (recreating the realism of combat),
  • hand to hand drills – combat shooting,
  • ground fighting to close quarters shooting tactics, and
  • striking tactics to close quarters shooting tactics.