This training will examine the most recent and up to date issues that specifically impact executive, and mid-level managers concerning police use of force incidents. This broad overview concentrates on multiple issues ranging from daily officer citizen complaints to investigative issues involving deadly force encounters. Instruction uses lectures and demonstrations.


  • Dynamics of police engagements
  • Officer behavior and accountability issues
  • Psychophysiological aspects of violent encounters
  • Standardized departmental approach
  • Attention and how it relates to use of force
  • Officer perception, cognition and recall
  • Terminology and “priming”
  • Human arousal issues and performance
  • Training issues and performance
  • Tracking and trending use of force
  • Video recording issues pro and con
  • Use of Force scientific research
  • Taser issues and training
  • Bio mechanics of officer – subject actions
  • Media issues and concerns
  • Use of force investigations
  • Audits, inspections, reporting
  • Officer interviews

“I am better equipped to properly review use of force reports and structure training scenarios to teach proper responses.”

“I feel that every officer should have this course. I would go to any course that he (Lt. Dillon) has.”

“I will immediately implement some issues instructed today.” Chief Darryl Roberts, Hartford CT PD

“Every Chief should take this class!”  Chief James Kenny, Vernon CT PD