Law Enforcement Active Diffusion Strategies for School Resource Officers
& Civilian University and School Security Officers

Through lectures, demonstrations, role play, and practical scenario applications, this course will provide Active Diffusion Strategies and Immediate Control Training for School Resource Officers (SRO’S) and School Security Officers. School resource officers (SRO’S) and school security personnel require specialized control and restraint techniques appropriate for the educational environment. Effective verbal de-escalation techniques, strategies for diffusion and physical control applications designed to address violent individuals within the school setting.  This program is delivered in a 2 day format.

  • Understanding the principals of risk management for officer safety
  •  Identifying indications of hostility through body language
  •  Identify professional benefits of active diffusion strategies
  •  Learn methods of effective verbal de-escalation strategies
  •  Understanding psychophysiological changes during aggression
  •  Learn to use cognitive limitations for active diffusion
  •  Learn methods to re-direct the thought process through positive direction
  •  Ethics and professional posturing
  •  Identity different communications styles with appropriate response tactics
  •  Learn methods of motivational interviewing skills
  •  Learn methods of distraction to obtain tactical advantages
  •  Learn communication and physical strategies to de-escalate situations
  •  Learn how to avoid communications that may be negative
  •  Learn how active strategies blend with a total law enforcement presentation

Section II

  •  Learn strategies separating active combatants
  • Develop pre-programed and established policies and procedures when responding to violent encounters.
  • Demonstrate knowledge, ability to perform and escort maneuvers

Section III (Optional but suggested)Demonstrate knowledge, ability to perform the following techniques against a resisting suspect:

  • Rear Sentry Takedown ( Student Variations)
  • Double Arm Control
  • Arm Wrap

Section IV

  • Demonstrate knowledge, ability to perform practical de-escalation and control tactics