Combat 124

Norwalk PD and Fairfield University
L.O.C.K.U.P. ® Overcoming Size Differences for Female Enforcers
March 15 – 16 2017

 This two day course is designed  to address violent encounters dealing with suspects of larger stature. When attempting control larger suspects, size and strength differentials  necessitate combat strategies less reliant on pure upper body strength. The concepts and techniques can be utilized by any officer addressing a larger suspect. The days are hands-on and mentally challenging. Officers train and drill wearing vest, gun belt and gear because anything else makes no sense.

Officers learn:

L.O.C.K.U.P. Police Training System and Principles
Risk Assessment and Threat Indicators
Ground fighting counter measures
Fear Management and Control
Fighting Techniques and Fatigue
Understanding Weapon Integration
Decisive Takedown Manipulations
Active Diffusion Strategies
Team Approach and Strategies
Understanding Mass / Power and Kinetic Energy
Overcoming/ Understanding Size Challenges
Using Your Size to Your Benefit
Proper Weapon and Target Selection
Taser to Physical Control


  • BDU Style Pants
  • Boots w ankle Support
  • Body Armor
  • Red Gun / Full Gun belt
  • Handcuffs and keys

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To be held at
Fairfield University
1073 N. Benson Rd. Fairfield CT 06824
Contact Sgt. Sofia Gulino 
· Norwalk PD – 203.854.3197

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