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29 NEW Triple Certification Instructors

29 Officers Graduate an Intensive 5 Day Triple Instructor Certification Program
Handcuffing – Oleoresin Capsicum Spray and Police Baton

May 13 – 17, 2013
Hosted by East Haven CT PD

29 officers represented by 16 different agencies completed a SOLD OUT  5 day Triple Instructor Program the week of May 13 – 17, 2013 hosted by the East Haven CT PD. We are extremely pleased with the course evaluations received. This course is provides instructor training and methodologies in all three disciplines and also directs focus on how to integrate to different weapon systems during a violent encounters.

We would like to specifically thank the East Haven CT Police Department for hosting the course and providing an professional training environment. The officers of East Haven PD were extremely good hosts that we committed to providing a high level professional training experience. A special thanks to Officer Shawn Hatchel for all his assistance.

What the attending students had to say.

Please assess how this course met your expectation?
29 Evaluations were collected. 26 students rated this course in the highest level of 5 (Excellent)

·         “The course was presented in a very organized fashion, instructors maintained professionalism throughout course, exceeded my expectations.”

·         “Great new fundamentals.”

·         “Top-notch hands-on.”

·         “Educational, sharpen the tools needed for the road.”

·         “ Excellent class with a lot of hands-on exercises broken down, easy to understand.”

·         “ Provided a solid foundation to incorporate into in-service classes.”

·         “Expecting LOCKUP integrated tactics for all three tools, expectations met.”

·         “Techniques were easy to perform and retain.”

·         “Exceeded my expectations, course covers every aspect of instruction from lesson objectives, documentation and demonstration.”

Please assess how the quality of this course met your expectation?
29 Evaluations were collected. 26 students rated this course in the highest level of 5 (Excellent)

 ·         “The name, brand, was well presented by the instructors in the quality of the presentation exceeded my expectations.”

·         “Presentation was perfect instructors integrated themselves into the class.”

·         “Knowledgeable instructors, very proficient very.”

·         “Very engaging to students easier retention.”

·         “Great instructors, well-planned and organize class.”

·         “Instructors were awesome!”

·         “Great quality of info questions were answered fully.”

·         “Professional materials.”

·         “Solid demonstration and visual aids used.”

·         “All presenters were right on with the entire program.”

·         “Very well planned. All instructors new the subject matter 100%.”

·         “Good balance between physical demands in classroom demands.”

 Would you recommend this training to other officers?

 ·         “Yes to become more familiar and comfortable with weapon deployments.”

·         “Absolutely but not this training isn’t for everybody.”

·         “Every officer should receive this training in Academy and with refresher.”

·         “Yes!”

·         “Anyone looking to be  proficient in teaching, they should attend this program.”

·         “I would recommend this to anyone wishing to become an instructor of course!”

·         “Everyone should have it.”

·         “ I believe every officer need some extensive training for their safety.” “Highly recommend.”
“Yes all officers should go through this other yearly basis.”
“I believe all officers should attend an annual lock up class.”

 Please assess the instructors of the program?

 ·         “Lockup instruction team exceeded expectations.”

·         “ The best!”

·         “ Instructors were phenomenal.”

·         “Outstanding, knowledgeable and proficient.”

·         “Sgt. Anderson and Sgt. Buckley were excellent in instruction and adapting the class so that everyone could understand the lesson plan and executed without injury.”

 ·         “As always the program provided effective and efficient techniques.”

·         “The instruction was phenomenal there is a good mix of lecture impractical with the ability to support the functionality and usability of the material the cadre worked well together and provide a fun yet structured training environment.”

·         “All instructors were engaging in proved to be very knowledgeable in subject matter, helped ease uncertainty among students.”

·         “All were informative and well educated, incorporated the training to actual incidents and personal experiences.”
“All instructors are very well educated knowledgeable in this course their energy, well spoken, appearance excellent. Awesome class!”

·         “I’ll instructors were enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable in subject matter.”

·         Sgt. Buckley and Anderson were awesome and very knowledgeable I could count on going home sore each night … outstanding.”

·         “I aspire to be as knowledgeable and proficient as Lieut. Dillon, Sgt. Anderson and Sgt. Buckley, they have a clear unwavering grasp of the material presented I attempt to mirror them in my own training.”





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