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New LOCKUP Arrest and Control Instructors – Maine, Virgina and Missouri

Congratulations to the graduates of the L.O.C.K.U.P. Arrest and Control Instructor Training. The course was hosted by the Sanford Maine Police Department on Oct. 20 – 24, 2014.
Officers attended from Maine, Virgina and Missouri. Outstanding performances by all.

(Please assess how this course met your expectations)

• “Instructors knew the material and did a great job presenting it.”
• “I was truly impressed by the techniques.”
• “This course exceeded my expectations.”
• “Presentation was well thought out and put together in a way students can understand and retain easily.”
• “Was unsure about content before coming. Extremely impressed by content.”
• “Best I have attended.”
• “The course kept my attention the entire way.”
• “K.D. (Lt. Dillon) clearly knows the material.”

(Would you recommend this course?)All 10 students (100%) stated they would recommend this course to their peers.

• Yes, should be presented to the academy.”
• ‘As a command staff member I would recommend this program to any department.”
• “Without a doubt. I hope that more and someday all officers in this state will receive this training.”
• Very relevant, I hope someday this will be taught at the academy. Far better than our program.”

(How will this training change or improve your present assignment.”

• “Keep me more aware and help improve my reaction speed and responses to suspects, a better officer.”
• “I feel I will be more safe and confident in my ability to protect myself and affectively control suspects.”
• “More confidence in my abilities.”
• “Gave me skills I did not have. I can now instructor this material to others.”

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