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700 Judicial Marshals to be Trained in LOCKUP

CT Judicial Marshals Train in the LOCKUP System.

The Academy Training Staff of the CT Judicial Marshals recently participated in a 10 day Complete LOCKUP Training Program. The Academy Staff objective is certify 700 of their officers in the LOCKUP System in 2014!

“It was an absolute thrill to spend 10 days with this training staff. They trained as if there was no tomorrow! I was extremely impressed how dedicated and focused they were to present their officers with evidence based realistic training. It was TRULY an honor to train with these officers.” Lt. Kevin Dillon
Please assess how this course that your overall expectations?
• “It’s beyond my expectations I knew it was going to be a challenge but overall the best training I have had in my 17 years.”
• “This course provided the instructor with numerous techniques designed to combat the aggressor, new skills to master with repetition.”
• “Loved this course because not only will it help me in my job but also me personally when I’m on the street when someone attacks me.”
• “Completely exceeded my expectations, very complete system.”
• “I will be a much better instructor and officer thanks to the system the only thing I would increase is the panoply part because officers seem very unaware of that and I loved it personally.”
• “This course is for the consummate law enforcement officer, the class exceeded my expectations.”
• “Learn to defend myself with better form and technique.”
• “I started the class without a clear picture of what encompass, so it exceeded everything I could have expected.”
• “Highly impressed by this course exceeded my expectations. Very realistic situations to stimulate the students with real life scenarios.”
• “This class exceeded my expectations staff was well organized extremely.”
• Knowledgeable did not know what to expect but did not expect this level of training, excellent!”

Please assess the instructors of this program?
• “Very knowledgeable, professional personal and funny, every instructor came and taught a subject, they were very helpful, best instructors I’ve ever met.”
• Lt. Dillon (K. D.) excellent instructor, trainer and presenter. thorough knowledge in the system, dedicated to keeping officers safe.”
• Lt. Buckley, Excellent! Sharing stories with the group takes time to answer questions and clarify points.”
• “Sgt. Anderson excellent instructor.”
• “The instructors were awesome they were entertaining love their personal stories that you really help to drive the point home they are a wealth of knowledge and have a ton of experience. One thing I noticed is that all the instructors are very passionate about what they do.”
• “All the instructors were top notch, great people and excellent coaches.”
• Lt. Buckley, Sgt. Anderson and Det. Magao all bought their experience and professionalism to the program… awesome!”
• Lt. Kevin Dillon is by far the best instructor for the law-enforcement community; he brings realism, humor and techniques that support the officer in the field.”
• “The instructors were the most impressive part of the program the dedication by the instructors exemplifies that of all the brotherhood.”
• “The instructors were far more knowledgeable than I could have anticipated they realize challenges officers face, both criminally and administratively they show us where we are strong and we’re we lack. I am permanently affected by the training and instruction i have these two weeks.”

Please explain how this training will enable you to change and improve your assignment.
• “This training will help our department by the knowledge we covered we will also be able to transfer it to all her judicial marshals. Safety and being able to defend themselves is key.
• “This training is new to the academy and the marshals, the instruction is to give the marshals a wider variety of tactics with integration of skills to control subjects.”
• “It makes my job a lot easier; I like how we move toward the aggressor vs away from.
• “The different strategies and techniques we learned addresses size differentials.”
• “The training has opened my eyes to new techniques and better ways of instructing material, and how to break it down to teach others.”
• “It will enable me to offer those officers I will train a better more confident alternative to physical combat and more importantly the mental aspects of how the brain works that will save their lives.”
• “We are responsible to ensure 700 Judicial Marshals are trained with the ability to control and arrest with LOCKUP.”
• “To help fellow Marshals survive violent encounters.”
• “This training gave me the confidence to effectively know and understand the proper skills to take someone down and have control to take them into a LOCKUP position.
• “I (and others) always knew there was a hole in our program. Transferring this new information to our officers will improve confidence morale and safety.”
• “This training may help myself save lives, as well as those I train I am so grateful to have been a part of LOCKUP
• “To to become a better and more polished instructor.”
• “The training gave me new techniques to present to my classes thank you for doing it but you do your pride shows.”

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