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This classroom based confrontation avoidance course addresses conflicts within the workplace. According to the United States Department of Labor over two million reported assaults occur each year within the workplace. Our focus is how to recognize and  not stimulate aggression.  Participants learn Active Diffusion Strategies that can avoid or resolve interactions by employing tactical de-escalation methods or distraction techniques that promote successful tactical applications.  Instruction uses lectures, demonstrations, scenario building and role play.

  • understand the principals of risk management for officer safety,
  • identify indications of hostility through body language,
  • identify professional benefits of active diffusion strategies,
  • learn methods of effective verbal de-escalation strategies,
  • understand physiological changes during aggression,
  • learn to use cognitive limitations for active diffusion,
  • learn methods to redirect thought processes through positive direction,
  • learn the importance of professional posturing,
  • identity different communication styles with appropriate response tactics,
  • learn methods of motivational interviewing skills,
  • learn methods of distraction to obtain tactical advantages,
  • learn communication and physical strategies to de-escalate situations,
  • learn how to avoid communication that may be negative, and
  • learn how active strategies blend with a total law enforcement presentation.
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