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Bloomfield CT Handcuffing – O.C. Spray & Expandable / Straight Police Baton SOLD OUT!

Bloomfield CT Handcuffing – O.C. Spray & Expandable / Straight Police Baton SOLD OUT!

Bloomfield CT – Triple Instructor Certification SOLD OUT!

Handcuffing – O.C. Spray & Expandable / Straight Police Baton
Oct. 24 – 27, 2016
0830 – 1630 Hours Daily

Congratulations friends for successfully completing and achieving your L.O.C.K.U.P.® Triple Instructor Qualification. As you now know it is no easy task. The course is both mentally and physically demanding. T


Lead Instructors Lt. Patrick Buckley and Ofc. Brandon Lagueux spoke very highly of your participation and enthusiasm throughout the week. We were all pleased to review your feedback which yielded overwhelming high results.

What you had to say:

Please assess the quality of this presentation?”

  • If the course was exactly what I expected.  Well organized and put together.
  • Good progress in the use tools available.
  • Better than I expected, thankful for one on one training I received when I was doing something and accurately.
  • Great instructor tips.
  • More suited for learning techniques than training.
  • Learn new techniques with some refreshers from the academy.
  • More than I ever could imagined, times have changed since the academy….
  • Course was clear and consistent with previous training received. 

Please assess the quality of instructors?

  • The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the training camp the mood light which was perfect for this training environment.
  • Strong program knowledge.
  • Excellent knowledge of the system.
  • Not too overbearing just the right amount of seriousness next whiff respect for others personal experiences.
  • Totally change my previous XXX training.  This gives me more realism and tactical purpose.
  • Very knowledgeable in the lockup system
  • Well knowledgeable and course material in able to effectively explain details of moves.
  • Instructors showed good knowledge of material I have been two other lockup classes and it is always well done and instructed.
  • It’s good to have instructors who actually know their stuff.  Too many classes are taught by D KSU that no one listens to you guys doing right.  B a person but also an instructor.


Handcuffing Instructor Training

Nomenclature of the hinged and chain link handcuffs.
Legal aspects of use of force and handcuffing
Handcuffing passive and resistant suspects.
Practical exercises of handcuffing maneuvers.
Departmental policy sample discussion.
Demonstrate the ability to perform team
Takedowns and handcuffing maneuvers.
Documentation and report writing.
Safe Removal of handcuffs from suspects.
Controlling handcuffed combatants.
L.O.C.K.U.P. ® tactics integrated.

Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Spray Instructor Training

Identify the various ingredients and strengths of (OC) spray.
Identify current legal/policy issues in the use of (OC) spray.
Identify the physical, psychological and physiological effects
Management protocols re: medical, and de-contamination procedures.
Identify the most effective (OC) delivery methods.
Identify the flammable characteristics of (O.C.) spray.
Identify the placement of OC on the “Use of Force Spectrum”.
Identify pre-existing medical conditions that may be aggravated by OC.
Identify verbal commands/warnings that should accompany deployment of OC.
Properly documenting the use of OC.
Tactical considerations: various canisters, holsters, and retention.
Draw techniques.
Perform a tactical OC exposure and restraint of a simulated “active” resistive subject.

Baton Instructor Training Straight & Expandable

Legal aspects of police use of force.
Baton deployment and purpose.
Baton justification.
Basic baton strikes.
Body mechanics and footwork.
Documentation and tracking use of force.
Baton nomenclature.
Baton blocking principals.
Baton body manipulations.
Trouble shooting student performance.
L.O.C.K.U.P. ® tactics integrated.


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