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Broward College FL – NEW L.O.C.K.U.P. Instructors

Broward College FL – Institute of Public Safety
L.O.C.K.U.P. ®  5 Day Arrest and Control Instructor Training
Dec. 5 – 9, 2016

Congratulations to the officers who successfully completed the L.O.C.K.U.P. 5 Day Instructor class hosted by Broward College  the week of Dec. 5 through 9, 2016. Officers from Miami Dade Corrections, Ft. Lauderdale PD, Sunrise PD, Boynton PD, Palm Beach County Sheriffs and Broward College Training Officers completed the week long physically and mentally challenging course obtaining their L.O.C.K.U.P. Instructor Certification. This will allow the officer credentials to instruct the concepts and techniques of L.O.C.K.U.P. to the officers of their agencies.

This is what the attending officers had to say;

What did your overall evaluation of the instructors?

  • 100% of attending students rated as (Superior) One of the best.

What is your overall evaluation of the course?

  • 100% of attending students rated it as Superior.

Please comment on instructor’s strength and weakness.

  • There is no weakness that I notice with the instructors. I found the instructor to be extremely knowledgeable of the content and extremely skilled with the execution of it.
  • The instructors were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  Their method of instruction provided an extremely easy way to learn.
  • All instructors appear to be very knowledgeable.  The instructors are informative innovative in the transfer the information simple for a beginner or to experience trainer to understand.
  • Very good at conceptualizing techniques, including more complex moves, so the basic officer can easily understand them.
  • Lieutenant Dillon, Guy Samuelson and Corey griffin were all excellent trainers. They have the utmost respect for me because the LOCKUP system was super.
  • The instructors were fantastic and very knowledgeable. Explained, demonstrated and performed every aspect of the course, even going beyond to teach additional advanced techniques.
  • Strengths; knowledge and experience, preparedness and presentation skills I did not see any weakness with any of our instructors.
  • Both instructors were very patient.  No xxxx attitudes.  Real life scenario, past history application was great. Incredible sense of humor kept you in the class.
  • There were no weaknesses in the instructor.
  • Without a doubt this class is one of the best class is I have ever taken. 

Overall comments concerning the class.

  • This class provided excellent tactics in methods and dealing with combat of subjects.
  • Many advanced yet simple moves that anyone can learn.
  • They should be adopted by Allstate county and municipalities.  It will ensure to protect the officer from liability prosecution.
  • The class was terrific.  I especially loved the concept of transfer the information.  When I think of lockup I think about the commercial, get a little closer don’t be shy with air raid extra dry”.  Timing and being close helps us more than harming us.
  • One of the best classes is in law enforcement and martial arts where the physics, mechanics of moves and concepts were broken down so the user understands why and how something works.
  • Excellent I am glad I had the opportunity to attend this class.
  • Awesome class.  The instructor is one of the best presenters of law-enforcement DT instructors in the country.  LOCKUP is an excellent class, the material lectures videos were all tie into excellent teaching points by Lieutenant Dillon.
  • I am taking a few good nuggets with me; it was the best DT course I have ever taken.
  • Lieutenant Dillon is funny and patient; he has a great way to make a point. He is also unorthodox in his views but I agreed with all of the LOCKUP techniques.
  • The class exceeded my expectations, many nuggets to take back to my agency and for my personal protection.As a trainer, this class is taught me many things to not only teach but two add and change to our lesson plans.  I look forward to doing more LOCKUP classes.
  • The class was well organized provided realistic training and met my expectations. The concepts and techniques taught can be integrated into any defensive tactic curriculum.
  • I was amazed on how much I learned in just five short days. This was the real deal; you guys were great thank you.
  • This class was great it would passed my expectations.  I would recommend this course to all law enforcement departments.
  • This class was truly awesome.  This class will save an officer’s life if properly trained and applied. This should be taught by the FDLE.
  • Engaged throughout class, never was my attention lost.  Techniques were simple to grasp gross motor skills.  This system will work on the street. 
  • This is what the state needs to teach, realistic training for realistic encounters.  All of the adjunct instructors were equally well qualified.
  • Great at keeping class focused great at communicating his message and great at answering all questions.

An intensive 5-day training program on L.O.C.K.U.P.® Police Arrest and Control Instructor Course. This course provides in-depth arrest and control  confrontation training.  It develops a solid foundation of  de-escalation tactics, physical manipulation techniques with instructional methods that will certify the student as a Basic L.O.C.K.U.P. ® Arrest and Control Instructor. The empty-hand skills can be relied upon by individual  officers or with as teams.  This system is a complete arrest and control     program that fully integrates all weapons systems of law enforcement.


  • Risk Management for Confrontations
  • Legal Aspects of Use of Force
  • Report Writing, Documentation and Tracking
       “You can’t manage what you do not measure.”
  • Verbal Communication – De-escalation Skills
  • Instructional Techniques to Fit the Employee
  • Gross Motor Orientated Techniques
  • Instructional Methods for Teaching
  • Retainable Techniques
  • Team Takedowns for Immediate Control
  • Individual Based Takedowns
  • Integration with Less Lethal Options
  • Team Communications and Takedowns
  • Police Ground Fighting Tactics
  • Environmental Training
  • Physiological Changes During Human Aggression



LOCATION –  Broward College
A Hugh Adams Central Campus – Institute of Public Safety
3501 Davie Road  Building #22 Room 152
Davie, FL 33314

Ms. Tammy Snoddy, Coordinator of Public Safety Programs
954-201-6839 /

Course Flier


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