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Canada – LOCKUP Close Quarters for SWAT

L.O.C.K.U.P.® Police Combat
SWAT Close Quarter Combatives
Hosted by Laval Police – Canada

Members from LONGUEUIL – LAVAL – MONTREAL – RCMP ” C ” Division  and QUEBEC Provincial Police attended this two day program designed specifically for SWAT.



 Overall Comments

“As one of my team’s trainers I would love to incorporate to LOCKUP concepts into our training.”
“Gives me more tools to use in different situations.”
“As usual top of the line training by an inspirational teacher, mentor and coach.”
“Low expectations, outperformed bar far! Thank you!”

Would you recommend ?

“Yes, would encourage others to learn and try for themselves.”
“Totally, every cop or agency should have.”
“Yes, because LOCKUP is very effective.”
“For sure. The more tools you have in your box the better you are.”
“Yes, the techniques are simple.”
“Yes, without a doubt.”
“Yes, it should be on the basic course to be a police officer.”

Instructors Lt. K. Dillon and Det. Rob Magao

“Very well prepared. They know their stuff and can easily demonstrate and teach.”
“Very good and lots of experience.”
“K.D. Passionate, knowledgeable, contagious energy.”
“Rob Magao, quiet leadership, very good at detecting and correcting. Great team!”
“Both great and know their material.”
“It is very safe and the program is well known by the instructors, a lot of credibility.”
“Very passionate as usual, easy to perform and learn with you.”

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