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This two day course will teach students how to use physical combative arrest and control maneuvers within extreme close quarter environments. The course is taught with lectures, demonstrations role play, and practical scenario applications. The focus is on developing a mastery of immediate physical control tactics and techniques that address limited mobility and movements within confined surroundings restricting an officer’s opportunity to use baton techniques, OC spray or Taser deployments. The techniques are direct, proportionate and measured responses to all levels of resistance and aggression in extreme close quarters.

Officers learn

  • combative techniques against a two hand choke in extreme close quarters,
  • to understand the principles and concepts of L.O.C.K.U.P. ® Police Combat System,
  • to understand physical and physiological dynamics of combat and performance during close quarter engagements,
  • the importance of risk management for combat,
  • to demonstrate basic combat striking for close quarter engagements,
  • to understand principles of gross motor orientated control tactics vs. fine motor skill tactics,
  • to demonstrate basic fighting positions within tight physical surroundings,
  • to understand the medical implications of various striking techniques and skeletal manipulations using personal weapons,
  • to understand body fusion and skeletal pinning techniques from standing, kneeling and grounded positions,
  • redirection options when confronting an attacking suspect,
  • close quarters weapon disarming techniques,
  • counter measures from the guard position with limited mobility,
  • arm bar techniques for skeletal manipulations,
  • counter measures against a standing rear choke attack, and
  • assessing the environment for immediate threats and environmental aids.
Officers Train in Extreme Close Quarters

“I responded to a domestic dispute and during a second search of this house I located a partially ajar closet door. I opened the door and the suspect came out from the closet with a closed fist, directly at my face. I performed the L.O.C.K.U.P.® takedown which I learned at your course just days prior. I performed this maneuver without any hesitation. Speaking with the suspect afterwards he explained that his intentions were to fight any police officers and that he was overwhelmed by the L.O.C.K.U.P.® techniques. I would like to thank you and your staff for this knowledge.”Trooper Chad Gomez CSP

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