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Controlling Violent Combatants – L.O.C.K.U.P. ® Police Combat

This is a two day, hands-on, mentally challenging, professional development training program for the street officer. This course is presented in both classroom and physical training format. The program is designed to give officers additional arrest and control strategies and tactics beyond what they experienced in basic training. This program is also offered in a three day format for a more in depth training experience.

Officers learn

  • L.O.C.K.U.P.® Police Training System and principles,
  • risk assessment and threat indicators,
  • understanding the dynamics of police engagements,
  • understanding energy value in physical engagements,
  • fear management and control,
  • police combat vs. defensive tactics,
  • fighting techniques and fatigue,
  • circle of police combat training,
  • effective striking techniques for law enforcement,
  • combative tactics from standing, kneeling and grounded positions,
  • team and individual offensive tactics for immediate control,
  • how to prepare accurate reports documenting incidents,
  • officer survival fitness,
  • active diffusion, de-escalation and communication skills,
  • team approach and strategies, and
  • understanding mass/power and kinetic energy.
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