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Coral Springs FL – Counter Ambush Survival Tactics

Coral Springs FL – Counter Ambush Survival Tactics

L.O.C.K.U.P. ® & Soulis Shooting Counter Ambush Survival Tactics

NEW DATE DECEMBER  9,10, 11, 2014

Internationally Recognized Trainers Lt. Kevin Dillon and Pete Soulis This is an intensive 3 day training course on Counter Ambush techniques designed for the street officer. This course provides in-depth confrontation training combining empty-hand combat maneuvers with live firearms weapons systems. This program develops a solid foundation of physical manipulation techniques and police fighting skills with high-intensity firearms training for the types of close-quarter shooting incidents that law officers most commonly face. Both the empty-hand and the shooting skills are easily learned, gross motor orientated and street proven!


Understanding Factors for Victory or Defeat in Combat Biomechanics of Close Quarter Deadly Force Encounters Physiological and Physical Changes During Combat Identifying Pre-attack Indictors Forearm Fusion Techniques Maintaining Your Weapon Four Positions of the Combat Draw Obtaining Positions of Natural Aim Obtaining First / Second Sight Picture Creating Three Points of Contact Grounded Mobility Integrated Fighting Concepts of Officer Survival Hand to Hand Drills – Combat Shooting Ground fighting to Close Quarters Shooting Tactics Striking Tactics to Close Quarters Shooting Tactics

“It is a true pleasure to receive training form this type of instructors. The level of commitment is unparalleled.” S.A. Orange County FL

Student requirements Body armor · Duty Belt Issued sidearm and red gun 3 Magazines · Groin Protection · Eye and Ear Protection · 600 Rounds of practice ammunition



Hosted by Coral Springs Police Department 2801 Coral Springs Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33065 Contact – Arthur (AJ) King Office 954-346-1315


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