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CT – Counter Ambush Instructor Training

Manchester CT PD
Counter Ambush Instructor Training
NEW DATE September 25 – 29, 2017 0800 to 1600 Daily

Internationally Recognized Combative Trainers

This is an intensive 5 day Instructor Training on Counter Ambush Tactics and Techniques. This course provides in-depth instructor level confrontation training combining empty-hand combat maneuvers with live firearms weapons systems. This program develops a solid foundation of physical manipulation techniques and police countermeasures with high-intensity firearms training for the types of close-quarter ambush engagements officers most commonly face.  Both the empty-hand and the shooting skills are easily learned, gross motor orientated and street proven!


  • Understanding factors pertaining to law enforcement ambush
  • Case studies pertaining to officer ambush
  • Bio-mechanics of close quarter deadly force encounters
  • Psycho-physiological aspects that occur under extreme stress
  • Maintaining possession of your weapon
  • Developing a stable, mobile and powerful fighting platform
  • Addressing threats in a 360-degree environment
  • Fighting from a grounded, knelling, seated & standing position
  • Understanding phase lines of a firefight
  • Utilizing torque and leverage to gain physical advantage
  • Utilizing vision and movement to gain the tactical advantage
  • Grounded mobility
  • Integrated fighting concepts of officer survival
  • Hand to hand drills to combat CQ shooting
  • Ground fighting to close quarters shooting
  • Striking tactics to close quarters shooting
  • Developing student drills for street proficiency

    “It is a true pleasure to receive training form this type of instructors. The level of commitment is unparalleled.”
    S.A. Orange County FL

Student requirements

  • Body armor · Duty Belt Issued sidearm and red gun ·3 Magazines ·
  • Groin Protection · Eye and Ear Protection  · 700 Rounds of practice ammunition

Training to be held at
Manchester Police Department
239 East Middle Turnpike -Manchester, CT 06040
Contact – David M. Roy -Training Sergeant
W: 860-645-5523


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