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SOLD OUT! CT – Handcuffing – OC Spray – Police Baton Instructor Certification

Bloomfield CT Police Department   SOLD OUT!!
Handcuffing  / O.C. Spray / Police Baton
June 17 – 21, 2019 

Congratulations to the officers who attended and successfully completed the intensive 5 day Handcuffing, O.C. Spray and Police Baton Instructor Training. The full week consisted of integrating and transitioning the weapons systems together. The team went through extensive skill development training along teaching mythologies and techniques to be able to bring the material back to the members of their departments.

This is what the attending students had to say:

Please assess the quality of this presentation

  • Awesome.
  • Much needed for patrol officers.
  • Only wish I receive this training many years ago.
  • It is always a good day when you train with LOCKUP.
  • Very informative, eye opening in terms of common safety related mistakes officers make everyday.
  • Excellent!
  • Very good balance between instruction and hands-on exercises.
  • Great drills using multiple techniques that were learned.
  • No questions left unanswered.
  • Without a doubt the best, hands on training that I have attended in my 13 years.
  • The course quality was excellent.
  • Very well structured, everything was explained demonstrated in a clear precise manner, if extra time was needed it was not an issue.
  • The hands-on approach with PowerPoint work very well.
  • Clear concise and easy to understand.

Other Comments

  • The intensity of this program is something which most officers don’t get.
  • As an SRO / instructor it will give me new techniques to use for safe take-downs for my specific demographic.
  • I would recommend this training to every officer.
  • This will allow me to make sure the members of my Department are properly trained and minimize injuries to officers and suspects.
  • Subject matter experts in the field and clearly shows.
  • Instructor spoke from experience and gave other ideas to the same drill or technique.
  • Instructors provide effective police control training. First dynamic police self-defense course I have taken out of many in the past.
  • Instructors, very involved and passionate about this course. Give students one on one attention.
  • Not my first class with Lieutenant Dillon. He keeps you laughing and engaged. All instructors were on point.
  • I will be able to better bring proper intensity two the drills and better preparing trainees for duty.
  • Instructors were Top notch. Hands down the best. Knowledgeable and engaging.
  • Instructors all very knowledgeable and bring their own expertise to the class.


  • Legal aspects of police use of force
  • Baton deployment and purpose
  • Baton justification
  • Basic baton strikes
  • Body mechanics and footwork
  • Documentation and tracking use of force
  • Baton nomenclature
  • Universal platforms
  • Baton blocking principles
  • Baton body manipulations
  • Trouble shooting student performance
  • Application for all BATONS


  • Nomenclature of the hinged and chain link handcuffs
  • Handcuffing passive and resistant suspects
  • Practical exercises of handcuffing maneuvers
  • Departmental policy sample discussion
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform team takedowns and handcuffing maneuvers
  • Documentation and report writing
  • Safe removal of handcuffs from suspects
  • Controlling handcuffed combatants
  • L.O.C.K.U.P.® tactics integrated


  • Identify various ingredients and strengths of (OC) spray
  • Current legal/policy issues in the use of (OC) spray
  • Physical, psychological and physiological effects
  • Management protocols re: medical and de-contamination procedures
  • Most effective (OC) delivery methods
  • Flammable characteristics of (OC) spray
  • Placement of OC on the “Use of Force Spectrum”
  • Pre-existing medical conditions that may be aggravated by OC
  • Verbal commands/warnings that should accompany deployment of OC
  • Properly documenting the use of OC
  • Tactical considerations: various canisters, holsters, and retention.
  • Drawing techniques
  • Perform a tactical OC exposure and restraint of a simulated “active” resistant subject.$695.00
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