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CT – Officer Survival Ground Control Instructor Training

West Hartford CT Police
Hosting L.O.C.K.U.P. ®
Officer Survival Ground Control Instructor Training
Oct. 22 – 26, 2018 

Congratulations to the graduates of the L.O.C.K.U.P.® Officer Survival Ground Control Instructor Program. Officers from throughout CT attended the intensive 5 day program.

This is what the students had to say:

Please access the quality of this presentation/course question responses:

100% of evaluations collected rated this course in the highest level of “5 Excellent”.

  • Extremely well put together, one of the best courses I’ve ever taken
  • Something every officer should participate in
  • The training inspired me to keep training
  • Just wish there was more time
  • My mindset has completely changed on how I approach a situation
  • Great examples of real world applications
  • Highly relevant
  • Motivated me to keep training after the class
  • Course was of high quality, very beneficial
  • The academy is great

Would you recommend this training to other officers?

100% of the students who attended would recommend this course to other officers.

  • Every officer Should Attend
  • Every officer needs some knowledge of ground-fighting in order to protect themselves, their partners and suspects
  • Course would help anyone in their safety and control
  • I will absolutely be recommending more members of my unit to come to this training
  • I think more officers should take this course
  • 100% this is what you need to survive
  • Should be a requirement at academy
  • I believe all officers should attend this training
  • Yes
  • Highly recommended to co-workers
  • Excellent training, very useful and realistic
  • Yes, I already have
  • Yes, they should know how to defend themselves from people who know how to fight
  • Yes, should be taught to all staff

Please assess the instructors of this program. 

5 Stars across the board for all instructors by each student who attended the course. 

  • Extremely knowledgeable and qualified instructors
  • Lead instructor and cadre’s method of instruction is outstanding-practical
  • Outstanding level of instruction
  • Instructors were engaging, very good at explaining/presenting
  • Excellent Instruction
  • Highly trained/skilled instructors. Very approachable
  • 100% subject matter experts with proven real world experience
  • Some of the best instructors I’ve ever had
  • Instruction was high speed, relevant
  • Outstanding instructors and facility
  • Rob and his team are extremely knowledgeable and practical
  • Instructors were smart, humble, helpful and skilled
  • Extremely knowledgeable and helpful, very passionate and do not overwhelm or put down a student. Make you feel very comfortable with the techniques
  • All knowledgeable, personable and encouraging. Quick to fix problems and to compliment
  • Excellent and also provided ideas to continue training
  • Rob and his staff were very knowledgeable/clear and to the point
  • Very helpful and take time for students to completely understand the techniques
  • Instructors were informative and patient
  • Each Instructor did a great job presenting the material
  • Well above expectation! Incredibly knowledgeable and also very approachable

Please explain how this training will enable you to change or improve your present assignment?

  • I feel more comfortable teaching co-workers after this program
  • This will add to my current knowledge of the LOCK-Up System
  • This training will add a whole new entity and approach to our training in my unit
  • This will help me survive and give me the tools to do it
  • Will help in day to day duties and teaching at academy/in-service
  • More confident in ground fighting and dealing with unruly suspects
  • This training will seamlessly add to our current use of force policy
  • Better awareness and better training for everyday patrol
  • Look forward to pushing these skills on to my department
  • Being a smaller officer, this training will help me hold my own with larger suspects
  • I feel more comfortable teaching from the ground

The  L.O.C.K.U.P.® Officer Survival Ground Control Instructor Training is an in-depth presentation of  police survival techniques integrated with ground control and counter measures. This program integrated a variety of weapon retention techniques and counter maneuvers along with techniques to immediately control an active aggressor. This is NOT a sport orientated martial arts program, this is a law enforcement training program developed by law enforcement offices with extensive experience in physical control training  as well as law    enforcement street experience. Officers will train wearing full equipment, belts, red guns, body armor, long pants. Legal aspects of law enforcement use of force will be covered as   officers must know what is reasonable foreseeable by the maneuvers they deploy. L.O.C.K.U.P. ® orientation provides the base of the system with the course.

Topics Include:

  • The L.O.C.K.U.P. ® Police Combat System
  • Environmental and Situational Awareness
  • Integration of standing arrest and control tactics
  • Understand the limitations of grounded combat
  • Multiple officers coordinated control tactics
  • Police Ground Fighting vs. Sport Grappling
  • Counter Offense from the Mounted Position
  • Submission Holds to Handcuffing positions
  • Weapon Retention from a holstered and upholstered position
  • Instructor methodologies and concepts
  • Skills integrated with ALL EMS responders
  • Plus much more…

POSTC Credits Approved
ONLY $695.00


Course Flier


BDU Style Pants · Boots with ankle support· Body Armor · Groin protection
Full duty belt · Red Gun · No shorts allowed, officers wear gear!

West Hartford CT Police
Training to be conducted at 
60 Progress Dr,  Manchester, CT 06042
Robert Magao – Phone 860.800.6255




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