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CT – Triple Instructor Certification – Handcuffing, OC Spray And Police Baton SOLD OUT!

CT – Triple Instructor Certification – Handcuffing, OC Spray and Police Baton SOLD OUT!

CT Police Academy   SOLD OUT!
Triple Certification Instructor Training: Handcuffing, OC Spray
& Police Baton
Oct. 10 – 14, 2022

The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Police Officer Standards and Training Council’s Field Services Training Division is offering a five-day (5) Triple Certification Instructor Training: Handcuffing, OC Spray and Police Baton training seminar.  The training session is scheduled for October 10-14, 2022, from 0730 to 1530 hours, at the Hartford Police Department.

Congratulations to the graduates of the L.O.C.K.U.P.  – Triple Certification Instructor Training: Handcuffing, OC Spray and Police Baton course. The training was very well received, and all the officers participated actively during the 5-day presentation. They displayed high levels of enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism throughout the physically intensive training sessions. A review of the course evaluations revealed an overwhelming high satisfaction rating from the attending students of the course.  

We would also like to thank the Hartford CT Police Department for their commitment and professionalism in providing the facilities to present the course. The ensured we had whatever we needed to present the program.

Please assess the quality of this presentation.
24 out 25 rated this category at the highest level – Excellent, 1 rated it Very good.
Student Comments

  • Clear. Good visual aids
  • Excellent detail with hands on training and multiple repetitions which promotes learning for all types of learners.
  • PowerPoint was direct and straight to the information
  • Good examples
  • Good integration of PowerPoint and practical skills in intermingling multiple practical skills like a real-life scenario.
  • Very clear and concise
  • Very researched material highly recommends this program for any? all officers regardless of years on the job
  • Good concise PowerPoints and explanation

Was this program relevant to your work assignment?
22 out 25 rated this category at the highest level – Excellent, 3 rated it Very good.
Student Comments

  • Yes!
  •  Relevant
  • Yes, in most cases the movements will not apply every day but most of them will
  • Yes, I will be a triple certification instructor
  • I feel more comfortable instructing the LOCKUP position
  • Yes, can’t have enough reiteration
  • Yes, as a patrolman I’ve been in situations where the techniques learn can be administrated
  • Yes. Not only for patrol, but immediate training of recruits
  • Extremely relevant

Please comment on the instruction of this program. (Training aids, multimedia, etc.)
23 out 25 rated this category at the highest level – Excellent, 2 rated it Very good.

Student Comments

  • Good demonstrations
  • Great PowerPoint slides and videos. But on pads helped with practical demo
  • Videos, PowerPoints, and hands on training
    relevant to real-world training
  • Nice pace. Instructor nicely transitioned from topic to topic
  • Well informed, many real life examples
  • Combining OC, handcuffing and baton practical skills all together was beneficial
  • All handouts, PowerPoints were relevant to the instruction and written as useful education tools for after(refresher)
  • Top notch easy to use and refer to
  • Great use of aides and presentations good breakdown balance of PowerPoint and hands on
  • All did a great job.
  • Would you recommend this training to other officers?
    100% Recommend this course to their peers
  • Yes
  • Yes, it’s training that is practical and used in real world
  • Highly recommend
  • Yes, because I learned additional information, and I built on what I learned in the Academy
  • Yes. Young cops should exposed to this regularly
  • I would recommend this to future instructors
  • Every officer should take this course
  • Absolutely
  • Yes. It’s a good training for officers becoming instructors or for officers who want to become more proficient
  • Yes
  • Yes, but only officers who want to go

 Please assess the instructors of this program. (Michael. Creter, Geoff Anderson, Kevin Dillon)
100% of attending students rated this category at the highest level- excellent.
Student Comments

  • Great presentation of materials knowledge an instruction demonstration ET C
  • Good instruction demonstration and energy
  • All instructors were passionate with real life experiences. Extremely knowledgeable
  • Great! Willing to correct errors and explain
  • SME
  • All instructors did a great job. Highly recommend
  • Excellent. **** is always great. Mike did a great job and is very articulate, has an easy job with correcting officers all of different tenure
  • All instructors did a great job highly recommend
  • All three instructors are top quality and care about what they teach
  • Very informative instructive
  • Very informative and presentative information at an easily attainable in fluid rate
  • All the instructors were great and very helpful
  • The Lt was extremely knowledgeable and relevant to current policing he kept all examples relevant and relatable Sgt. was a great inspiration for staying in the game at all stages of law enforcement career he’s also comical.
  • Personable knowledgeable, fun positive
  • Great and knowledgeable instructors with years of experience
  • Each instructor brought a different teaching perspective there was something unique, learned from each instructor
  • All trainers/ instructor successfully delivered their messages

All instructors were very knowledgeable in taught in a way that brought every technique step by step.  

This is an intensive five-day training program to develop instructors in Handcuffing, Oleoresin Spray and Police Baton (Fixed or Expandable).  This is a law enforcement instructor course developing integrated concepts within the less lethal options used by law enforcement.  Law enforcement encounters are not restricted to one less lethal option and are integrated using different disciplines.  This course brings those options together in an instructor format.

Through lectures, demonstrations, physical hands-on skill development and practical scenario applications this course is designed to develop instructors in Handcuffing, OC Spray and Police Baton.  Students will be instructed in legal aspects of use of force and physical applications pertaining to officer defensive tactics.  Student will be instructed in using the amount of force necessary and reasonable to control a violent resisting or combative suspect(s).  Student will also be instructed in teaching methodologies needed to instruct physical applications and test students for competency.  Emphasis will focus on developing a strong knowledge of immediate restraint and control tactics that are a direct, proportionate, and measured response to all levels of resistance and aggression in multiple types of environmental settings.

The following is a detailed overview of the course:

  • POSTC Use of Force Training Program.
  • Identify the legal statutes applicable to law enforcement use of force.
  • Identify the Constitutional basis and legal tests regarding the use of non-deadly force and deadly force.
  • Understand the psychophysiological dynamics of physical confrontations and how it relates to their performance during arrest and control encounters.
  • Learn to identify the aspects of “Fear” and how to manage it.
  • Identify risk management strategies for confrontation avoidance.
  • Report writing, training documentation, and tracking of use of force incidents.
  • Learn verbal communication and effective de-escalation skills.
  • Instructional techniques to fit the employee.
  • Learn rapid skill development for psychomotor skills.
  • Learn counter measures from multiple platforms.
  • Coordinated team communications and takedowns for immediate restraint and or control.
  • Ground fighting and control tactics for law enforcement.
  • Environmental training.

Students are required to bring the following for training:

  • BDU-type pants/short sleeve shirts.
  • Mouth guard.
  • Combat boots or wrestling shoes with ankle support.
  • Body armor.
  • Duty belt and red gun.
  • Groin protection.

Please be advised that this course is physically intensive and involves physical combat training. All participants should be in good physical condition. The class is limited to 24 attendees.  Please complete a registration form from the web and email it to Brian Enns at by September 09, 2022.  If you have any questions, please contact the Field Services Division at 203-427-2626.

Students successfully completing the course will receive Review Training Credit in the following areas:

  • Area 209    POSTC Use of Force Training Program            (4 hours)
  • Area 302A Police Baton                                                            (8 hours)
  • Area 302B OC Spray                                                                  (8 hours)
  • Area 306B Handcuffing                                                            (8 hours)

Lunch may be purchased at nearby restaurants.

Training Officers:  Please be sure to include your department email address and the email of the  student to be enrolled on all applications to assure prompt communications of all in-service training matters.

Agencies will be billed by DESPP Fiscal Services after the training is completed.  Please do not send payment to the Police Academy.


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