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D.C.R.T. Diffusion – Control – Restraint Instructor Training

DCRT Diffusion – Control – Restraint Instructor Training
Hartford Healthcare Public Safety

It was a pleasure and honor to present our training on D.C.R.T. Diffusion, Control and Restrain Instructor Training Dec 4 – 8, 2023 to the Hartford Health Care Security Instructor Staff. The training was very well received, and all the officers participated actively throughout the entire week.  The team displayed high levels of enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism throughout the mentally and physically challenging 5-day training session.

 My primary goal is to bring formal training to our 300 plus public safety officers who are charged with maintaining civility and safety in our hospitals and medical facilities, and are not sworn police officers. I quickly learned how dangerous this job can be with no formal training or equipment available when dealing with people in crisis, under the influence of intoxicating substances, or suffering from mental health issues. I knew instantly who I needed to call.

I reached out to Lt. Kevin Dillon (ret) and after a few discussions on what our needs were, he was able to design a program specifically for our public safety officers. He came to our facility and provided a one week D.C.R.T. train the trainer program to a core group of officers with an emphasis on de-escalation and a softer handed version of the L.O.C.K.U.P. program specifically designed for the hospital setting. He understood that our needs in healthcare were very different from those in law enforcement, that we were dealing with patients and not suspects, and that we needed to be in compliance with the organizations which govern healthcare facilities. He listened to the officers describe their encounters and provided techniques on how to handle those physical encounters more efficiently and effectively to minimize injury and liability. His knowledge on de-escalation surpassed any of the previous trainings these officers had and his experiences were invaluable.

But Lt. Kevin Dillon (ret) is not just an instructor; He is a teacher, mentor, comedian, entertainer, and a friend to his entire class. He is genuine, he makes learning fun, he keeps the student’s attention, and he leaves them with an overwhelming enthusiasm to pass on what they have learned. He has an unrelenting passion for what he does and it shows in every class he teaches. Kevin has truly made an impact on the law enforcement community across the nation with his L.O.C.K.U.P. and L.E.A.D.S. program, and it was a great honor to have him as an instructor for our civilian officers. It was an experience they will not forget and a training that will help professionalize our officers and protect our patients.  Paula Steck – Public Safety and Management

A review of the course evaluations revealed an overwhelming satisfaction rating from the attending members of the course.  I have attached an assessment of the evaluations for your review.

Please assess the quality of this presentation.
19 out of 20 of participants rated this course is the highest category as (5) excellent, 1 rated this category as (4) Very good.

  • I wish I had this training from the start 10 years ago
  • The quality was extremely phenomenal
  • No issues great class
  • World class instruction.
  • Quality of presentation was excellent, concepts taught and reiterated for retention.
  • instructors were dynamic and engaging keeping the attention of the trainers
  • Loved all the stories
  • Presentation was excellent
  • Very knowledgeable and attentive with class
  • High amount of information
  • Both instructors were very knowledgeable and gave great thorough explanations
  • Instructors were knowledgeable and personable
  • Class was interactive with all participants
  • Instructors were amazing
  • Thank you for a great week
  • Instructors were enthusiastic, had plenty of material and understanding
  • It had potential to be dry thank you for making it fun
  • A lot of information but applied it to my duties and kept us integrated with all the concepts 

Please comment on the instruction of the program relevant to training aids multimedia and presentation.
18 out of 20 of participants rated this course is the highest category as (5) excellent, 1 rated this category as (4) Very good, 1 didn’t rate this category.

  • Yes, fit great with my day-to-day duties
  • Extremely relevant. Exactly what Hartford Healthcare Public Safety needs. A great foundation.
  • Very, very!
  • This program was specifically designed to compliment public safety staff in hospitals.
  • Yes, very much so. KD took the time to research what type of incidents / events officers most often encounter in presented content to address those incidents.
  • Spot on for the environment in our ED’s and adult behavior unit.
  • Yes it was
  • Absolutely!
  • Yes, I feel very confident with the knowledge given to me.
  • Right on target with the skills taught to us.
  • Yes, it will help educate new officers.
  • This program, once implemented will raise the standards for our P.S. department.
  • I learned new techniques
  • Yes, we work with PD, fire, EMS, psyche, facilities every day and deal with violence, weapons and narcotics daily. Plus were uh trauma hospital, De-escalation is needed.
  • Further expands on tactics already learned in de-escalation and physical.
  • De-escalation and diffusion is 95% of our job and use of force 5%, only if need be but hopefully never needed.
  • Absolutely I feel more confident in my job.


Would you recommend this training to other officers?

100% of attending students stated they would recommend this course to their peers.

  • Yes, most definitely.
  • I would absolutely recommend this to other professionals. The material as well as instructors were great
  • Yes I would!
  • Absolutely an integral part of any law enforcement agencies training regimen.
  • Yes, very much so.
  • The program officers learning tools for the all levels of experiences
  • Most definitely would, every piece of training was amazing
  • Yes, the training is very conducive and what is taught you can even use on your day-to-day.
  • Yes, every officer should have obtain this training
  • Absolutely
  • This training will enhance our officers response
  • Yes, it is a valuable training that all P.S. should take.
  • Yes to all public safety officers in the hospital setting
  • absolutely!
  • Yes, hopefully can pass this on to all our officers.
  • Much more in depth than PATH, MOAB , CPI
  • Absolutely this content is a must have
  • I recommend this class for all officers, medical staff and administration.
  • Can’t wait to start training at Hartford with the guys 

Please assess the instructors of this program.
Lieutenant Kevin Dillon (Ret) / Sergeant Geoff Anderson (ret)
20 out of 20 of participants 100% rated the instructor in the highest category as (5) excellent.


  • Best training I’ve had in the last 20 years. Kevin made sure everyone understood every part of the class. I really appreciate everything thank you.
  • Lieutenant Kevin Dillon and Jeff were excellent instructors. Very personable as well as informational. Their confidence in the material they presented to the class gave myself confidence to believe in it. They were very inspirational, professional, and hilarious. Love them both.
  • Amazing and high energy.
  • Excellent instructors. Provided valuable lessons through real world scenarios.
  • Through years of experience in real world scenarios, instructors were able to bring in disseminate this knowledge. Their concern for officers still doing the work shown through.
  • Instruction was conducted in a safe and informative environment
  • Awesome instructors, very involved in the class
  • Instructors were excellent. Subject matter experts, They focused on ensuring learning proper techniques. Check on learning was excellent.
  • Very good, told very important info and got into the complexity of the brain.
  • Very approachable, knowledgeable and patient
  • both instructors were very knowledgeable and gave great thorough explanations.
  • The instructors were invested in our success. Great team building.
  • Both instructors made each day enjoyable and made learning the concepts easier with hands on teaching.
  • Very nice, communicative, helpful.
  • KD you were phenomenal! Everyone learns something new. Very interesting!
  • Both ooze with passion and drive.
  • Kept us intrigued, wanting to participate and eager to learn
  • Engaging, funny, knowledgeable.

 Please explain how this training will enable you to change or improve your present assignment.
19 out of 20 of participants rated this course is the highest category as (5) excellent, 1 rated this category as (4) Very good.


  • I feel more confident with maneuvers and takedowns
  • This overall training gives me more confidence as an officer. It has improved my knowledge of what the mind is going through under stress. Which enables me to respond in a more efficient way, not only for the safety of myself but as well as others.
  • I will have more tools to use mentally and hands on to deescalate and handle combative patient
  • This training will allow me not only to protect myself but ensure my ability to help protect others
  • If we are successful in calculating the necessity to treat people with dignity and respect, … force having to go hands on less often.
  • This program will add to the toolbox of training already in place.
  • It taught me a lot of amazing keys that I can add to my ammo box.
  • The training has increased my confidence 10 fold in applying proper techniques for self-defense at work.
  • It will improve my present assignment.
  • This training has enhanced my de-escalation tactics in providing me better options to protect myself
  • Lots of great tools I can use when teaching
  • The training is going to improve my present assignment because of a deeper understanding of de-escalation
  • This training will help me teach officers how to approach aggressive and violent patients .
  • Learned new techniques to help prevent injuries and deescalate.
  • Being able to deescalate! Bringing threats down in a safe manner. Diffusion and restraint
  • A few differences from other training to learn to master but the more tools you have the better.
  • As a fellow instructor, this course provided more confidence in public speaking and feeling proficient in verbal and physical intervention
  • This content will make everyone safer.
  • It changes me to slow down, take a deep breath and reassess situations
  • Being more capable to deescalate, and talk to people




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