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Duluth MN – L.E.A.D.S. +T – Law Enforcement Active Diffusion Strategies + Tactical Options

Duluth MN Police Department
L.E.A.D.S. +T – Law Enforcement Active Diffusion Strategies + Tactical Options
February 1, 2016

Lt. Dillon presented his Law Enforcement Active Diffusion Strategies course in Duluth MN. The courses was well attended by members of Duluth MN PD and several other surrounding agencies. Read what the students had to say;

• I honestly have no clue what to expect and not only was I surprised but also excited about the new material.
• Great relevant training that can easily be incorporated into everyday work.
• Instructor is very knowledgeable in explaining how the brain works.
• Actually exceeded them, I did not know what to expect.
• Excellent. Although I’ve practiced many of these techniques I did not understand the science behind it.
• Great press presenter, kept my attention, fantastic strategies.
• Was full of useful information.
• It was very insightful.
• Expectations were exceeded.
• This training surpassed my expectations.
• Great information. Can use in many aspects for my department.
• Exceeded, explaining how the brain System works.
• Great tactics on working to diffuse various situations.
• I agree it is important to understand why tactics work. that is what are the foundation principals.
• Great content.
• New ideas for encounters on patrol.
• Allows me to instruct my fellow deputies on new techniques.
• Heard it was a great class, did not disappoint.
• Good examples.
• Wish I knew of this earlier in my career.
• Very detailed in communications, body language.
• Great and informative as always. I learned a lot about personal awareness, body language and training my brain.

• Very knowledgeable with a lot of experiences.
• Very knowledgeable, prepared and timely.
• Stories, method of instruction was great.
• Very knowledgeable. Presentation given build on experiences as a police officer easy to relate in understand.
• Good at keeping you engaged.
• Very energetic. Can my intention good use of breaks.
• Coming off midnight shift instructor manage to keep me all work with energetic and comprehensive instruction.
• Excellent presentation, was very energetic and knows his stuff great stories.
• Can tell he is very knowledgeable in his field and is passionate about what he does. Can tell he is a good guy that cares about law enforcement.
• Presented information well, incredibly well put together and presented. Thank you.
• The instructor did a fantastic job.
• Kevin is extremely knowledgeable, but I found his teaching style very difficult to follow it seems scattered in this orientated I took away a few tips and enjoyed the history lessons but his style did not work for me.
• I was impressed by the presentation style of Lt. Dillon. I was kept engaged with great combination of humor and technical information.
• KD is the man! Looking forward to more training from team PoliceCombat. Too much to give out in 8 hours.
• Great topics, loved the enthusiasm.
• Excellent at explaining in making sure that class understands by using real life situations.
• Very great presentation to the stories very interesting.
• Lots of energy, very engaging,
• KD knows his stuff! He keeps us engaged even though he needs to give us a ton of information.
• Instructor was very clear on concepts in the program.
• Great class! Great presentation of the material.
• This was my second course with Lt. Dillon as the instructor. I believe I have retained more of the LOCKUP instruction than most other courses. I hope to attend the advanced LOCKUP instructor course.
• He is very entertaining and makes the course fun.
• The instructor was very knowledgeable about the course study I enjoyed the stories to better explain the training topics.
• Knowledgeable, well informed and respected…
• KD is an excellent instructor. I’ve been lucky to attended two trainings with him this delivery keeps people’s attention. The stories are even better since they are really examples.

Course was reviewed and APPROVED by the Department of Justice

A classroom based combat-confrontation conflict resolution avoidance course.  The program instructed within a classroom setting how to recognize aggression and not stimulate aggression.  Students learn Active Diffusion Strategies that can avoid escalating or resolve interactions by employing tactical de-escalation methods. Officers are instructed in officer safety tactical options when de-escalation does not work and how to deploy and coordinate successful strategies. Instruction uses lectures and demonstrations to facilitate learning. This is a patrol communications and tactical options class all on one in one!

Understanding risk management for officer safety
How complaints are used against officers in litigation
Identifying indications of hostility through body language
Identify professional benefits of active diffusion strategies
Learn methods of effective verbal de-escalation strategies
Learn responses to Special Populations
Learn methods of motivational interviewing skills
Learn how police customer service benefits in court
Learn methods of distraction to obtain tactical high ground
Learn tactical relocation strategies when addressing superior power
Learn how to avoid communications that may be negative
Learn methods to re-direct the thought process through positive direction

Presently instructed in the states of MN, MI, FL,CT, RI, AZ, CO, MO, CA, ND, MA

I personally benefited from this training and I would highly recommend it for officers, police managers and attorneys who defend officers. Thank you for including me and my fellow litigators in this valuable training.
Judith A. Hanson Assistant City Attorney – City of Saint Paul

St Paul MN Police Department report a significant drop in civilian complaints and excessive force accusations since implementing a department wide L.E.A.D.S. training program.

Sgt. Robert Shene – Duluth Police Department
2030 North Arlington Ave. Duluth MN 55811
Email –

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