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NEW LOCKUP (CT) Arrest and Control Instructors

L.O.C.K.U.P. ® Arrest and Control
CT – 9  Day Instructor Training
Hosted by Enfield  CT Police Department
(Session 1 April 18 – 20) (Session 2 May 2 – 4)  (Session 3 May 16 – 18, 2017)

Congratulations to the NEW L.O.C.K.U.P.® Instructors of  Connecticut who recently successfully completed the mentally and physically challenging 9 day Arrest and Control Instructor training program. CT Officers from Southington, East Windsor, Norwich, Bristol, Enfield, Glastonbury, Vernon, West Hartford, Bridgeport and the University of Hartford attended the training. These trained officers will teach the L.O.C.K.U.P.® Arrest and Control in police academies and local agencies throughout the state. The L.O.C.K.U.P.® program has been taught in CT since 2000 and is the only arrest and control system mandated and recognized by the CT Police Officer Standards and Training Council. They truly EARNED their Instructor Certification.

This is what the attending officers had to say:
100% of attending officers rated this course at the highest level of (5) excellent.

  • Explained the science, skills and law, great instructors.
  • Very thorough and in-depth.
  • Extremely informative, I feel confident teaching.
  • Excellent blend of information and physical tasks, truly exceeded what I expected.
  • Very organized, the quality of this presentation was spot on, had good instruction, instructors and detail to real life materials. The class went above my expectations.
  • Planned out very well.
  • The explosiveness of “K.D.” (Lt. Dillon) was contagious. 
  • Excellent presentation and understanding of the material.
  • It is evident that the program has been evaluated and designed for active law enforcement personnel.
  • I will be able to better to teach the material and improve fellow officers abilities as well as in report writing.
  • “K.D.” (Lt. Dillon) is amazing, achieves nearly immediate buyin from even the most adamant naysayers.
  • Sergeant Anderson and Sergeant Lelas are methodical  their delivery.  Detective Magao’s segment was well put together and Lieutenant Buckley was really focused on keeping the class in check.
  • I  work in patrol and this is infinitely applicable to my current assignment.
  • This class has prepared me to present this material to other officers of my department and elsewhere with confidence.
  • This class will provide a great asset to my departments needs.
  • Egos were left at the door which is nice to see.  All instructors were very well versed in the material instructed.
  • Excellent with a wide knowledge base with ranges of police experience.
  • Very professional, it easy to follow and evident how much they care about our learning and the system.
    Having taking this course from the creator I am better able to frame an argument for its implementation.
    Instructors were knowledgeable, personal, fun and professional.  Most important they were all humble and patient.


An intensive 9-day training program on L.O.C.K.U.P.® Police Combat Arrest and Control Instructor Trainer. This course provides in-depth arrest and control confrontation training.  It develops a solid foundation of  de-escalation tactics, physical manipulation techniques with instructional methods that will certify the student as a Basic Connecticut Arrest and Control Instructor. The empty-hand skills can be relied upon by individual  officers or with a partner.  This system is a complete arrest and control  program that fully integrates all weapons systems of law enforcement. Officers who successfully complete the program can apply for the State of Connecticut Instructor certifcaition. 

“The agency has an excellent self defense training program which contributed greatly to their success in low usage of less lethal weapons during this accreditation period.”   C.A.L.E.A.® Executive Summary Assessment of L.O.C.K.U.P.®


  • Risk Management for Confrontations
  • Legal Aspects of Use of Force
  • Report Writing, Documentation and Tracking
  • Verbal Communication – Effective De-escalation Skills
  • Instructional Techniques to Fit the Employee
  • Trouble Shooting Combative Maneuvers
  • Fighting Tactics from Multiple Platforms
  • Offensive vs. Defensive Strategies
  • Team Communications and Takedowns
  • Police Ground Fighting Tactics
  • Managing and Documenting Training
  • Environmental Training
  • Physiological Changes During Human Aggression
  • Much more!

* CT POSTC approved, credits applied *
Class times  0830 – 1630 daily

Roberto Felici – Training Officer
Enfield, Conn. Police Department
Office:  860-763-8968

Training to be held at
124 N. Maple Street , Enfield, CT 06082


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