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FL – L.O.C.K.U.P. ® Overcoming Size Differences Tactics for Female Enforcers

Palm Beach State College – Public Safety Academy
® Overcoming Size Differences Tactics for Female Enforcers
March 16 – 18, 2021, 8-5 pm

INSTRUCTORS:    Lt. Kevin Dillon (Ret.), Dep. Amanda Stoupis and Guy Samuelson

Congratulations to the FLA Female officers who attended and successfully completed this 3-day customized training program on Overcoming Size Differences for Female Enforcers. The three days were physically and mentally challenging and all officers actively participated throughout the three days.

100% of attending students rated this course as at the highest level 5 – very good.

See what the students had to say

Fantastic class, I learned a lot, great demonstrations before attempting.
All instructors were amazing and new every technique well. Very nice and attentive to each student.
I can feel more confidence grow while taking this course. I would recommend this course to every law enforcement officer. These techniques we learned actually worked,  I struggled with the techniques my department teaches.
Best defensive class I have ever taken or been involved in as a female officer! This class/course is a must.
I can’t say enough about this class period. I feel more confident and secure with my abilities. Loved this class!
Amazing class. I was surprised by all the techniques that I was able to perform.
I wish to take the instructor’s class!
Great training, amazing instructors. All techniques covered were practical in realistic. I would love to see an advanced class and counter combat techniques too.
Everything was extremely relevant and will be useful for the rest of my career.
I wish more of my coworkers would take this class everything was hands-on and I learned better that way.
I would add more report writing material, ie what is good and bad verbiage to use in our reports.
Amazing! Loved it! Bring more K.D. !!!  (K.D. – Lt. Kevin Dillon)
Amazing class. Much needed for all levels of law enforcement. As a detective, I am often alone and this gives me more techniques to have an advantage. As an instructor to bring back to the students.
I would like to see more common mistakes smaller officers make when encountering a large opponent.
More video clips help for us visual learners

This three-day course is designed to address violent encounters dealing with suspects of larger stature. When attempting to control larger suspects, size and strength differentials necessitate combat strategies less reliant on pure upper body strength. The concepts and techniques can be utilized by any officer addressing a larger suspect. The days are hands-on and mentally challenging.  Officers train and drill wearing a vest, gun belt, and long pants because anything else makes no sense.


L.O.C.K.U.P. Police Training System and Principles

  • Risk Assessment and Threat Indicators
  • Ground Fighting Counter Measures
  • Fear Management and Control
  • Fighting Techniques and Fatigue
  • Understanding Weapon Integration
  • Decisive Takedown Manipulations
  • Active Diffusion Strategies
  • Team Approach and Strategies
  • Understanding Mass / Power and Kinetic Energy
  • Overcoming/ Understanding Size Challenges
  • Using Your Size to Your Benefit
  • Proper Weapon and Target Selection
  • Taser to Physical Control


Palm Beach State College – Public Safety Academy
4200 Congress Ave.  Lake Worth, FL  33461

Registrations MUST be through your agency training department or coordinator. 

Completed registrations may be emailed on agency letterhead to:
Contact : Joseph Tata Jr.
Advanced Career Training Law Enforcement/Corrections Coordinator.
4200 Congress Ave.  Lake Worth, FL  33461  561-868-3398

Seat Hold WILL NOT be allowed. Accepted Staff will be required to dress in the following:
BDU/5-11 Style Type Pants
Short Sleeve Non-Logo Black T-Shirt,
Duty Boots, or Sneaker w/ankle support,
Body Armor,
Full Duty Belt, (Sidearm: Blue/Red Gun: A blue gun will be provided if you do not have one) and (No Shorts).




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