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FL – Multiple Officer Subject Control

Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola
L.O.C.K.U.P. Multiple Officer Subject Control Training
April 14 – 15, 2022, 8-5 pm

Congratulations to the graduates who attended and successfully completed the two-day Multiple OIfficer Subject Control – Team Arrest and Control Tactics hosted by the Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola. The officers learned and actively participated in multiple team arrest and control tactics and strategies to obtain immediate control.

What the student had to say:

100% of attending students rated this course at the highest level of Excellent!

What did you find particularly useful?

  • The entire program was great.
  • I took the female size differences class prior to this one and it was a great way to solidify the maneuvers taught also more often than not our uses of force against multiple officers allow us to learn techniques that work.
  • Every maneuver was extremely useful especially since I’m a smaller-sized officer that mostly works around male inmates.
  • Learning how to work efficiently with other officers, so we get the tasks done without it being a mess.
  • Great class, information, techniques love it!!
  • Great takedowns and controlling arms?
  • Fused arm recovery techniques
  • Excellent practical applications
  • Fused arm recovery. this happens quite often when subjects secure their arms underneath themselves. It was a break to learn how to use leverage to remove them.
  • Ground techniques to remove hands from under subjects, methods of fast response to the attack
  • Techniques to retrieve the arm and elbow of the subject
  • Fused arm recovery litigation consideration multiple officer techniques
  • The rear century takedown, using leverage to pull arms out instead of strength
  • Different take downs in how dynamic they are,  
  • Multiple officer controlling what subject is very effective
  • Program is great. I would like to attend a different program with the same instructor
  • All very informative great class .

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Students will be instructed in federal and regional legal aspects pertaining to the use of force in this two-day school. Physical applications for multiple officer/one suspect control tactics for immediate control will be taught. The course is designed to instruct the force necessary and reasonable to control a violent or resistant combative suspect and avoid chaotic non-coordinated events. The focus is on developing a strong knowledge of coordinated immediate physical control tactics and techniques that is a direct, proportionate, and measured response to all levels of resistance and aggression in various types of environmental settings. The objective is to limit the amount of time of physical exertion with subjects.

Topic include:
Legal guidelines governing police use of force
Constitutional basis and legal tests regarding the use of deadly force
Human physical and physiological dynamics of combative engagements and how it relates to officer performance
Strategies for multiple officer engagements
De-escalation and force mitigation techniques 
Indicators of excited delirium and agitated chaotic events
Instruction of physical control involving 2 – 5 officer engagement
Countermeasures and officer survival techniques
Takedowns that minimize the rate of descent
Quantum of force issues

REGISTER – Officers interested in attending must contact their agency training division for approval. A signed agency training authorization form or CJAO 15A registration form must be completed and emailed or faxed to the Academy by authorized training personnel prior to the start of class. Forms can be sent to or faxed to 407-962-5265. Contact Dawn Gereau (407) 344-5080, ext. 15104 for any questions.

Course Flier

Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola
Building 8, Room 117 and DT Room 121
501 Simpson Road ? Kissimmee, FL 34744
FEE: Trust Funds will cover program costs.
TRAINING: Specialized Program eligible for
Mandatory Retraining.
DRESS CODE: Agency Authorized Training Attire – Full gear.

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