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FL – Overcoming Size Differences Tactics for Female Enforcers

L.O.C.K.U.P. ® Overcoming Size Differences Tactics for Female Enforcers
Hosted by Palm Beach State College
February 9, 10,11 – 2022
8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Criminal Justice Institute

Congratulations to the officers who attended and successfully completed this physically intensive three-day program on Overcoming Size Differences for Female Enforcers. The officers participated and trained actively in arrest and control, countermeasures, and response to active aggression.

100% of the students rated the course at the highest level.
This is what the students had to say! 

Please assess the quality of this presentation.

  • Very relative, kept my attention by incorporating comedy.
  • Better than expected.
  • Very good presentation.
  • Great presentation and important skills.
  • Step by step made it effective!

Was this program relevant to your assignment?

  • Yes, every day – practical for the job.
  • Verbal, visual, practical physical incorporation was fantastic.
  • All different tactics to learn and put to use.
  • Very much so.

Please comment on the instruction of this program?

  • Verbal, visual, practical physical incorporation was fantastic
  • Better than expected, didn’t expect a science lesson too. Science of the mind and body made understanding movements. I enjoyed learning stuff that actually works.
  • Good combination of training and videos.
  • Countermeasures used when certain things don’t, such as kicks was very useful.
  • Used every method to teach hands-on video speaking etc.

Would you recommend this training to other officers?

  • Already did!
  • Male and female officers of all sizes would benefit from this class.
  • Yes!
  • Yes!
  • Everyone should take this class.
  • This training should be mandatory once a year

Please assess the instructors of this program. (Lt. Kevin Dillon, Amanda Stoupis and Guy Samuelson)

  • The three instructors were very knowledgeable
  • Very knowledgeable in all aspects of the training dash practical application
  • Instructors were awesome
  • Excellent instructors
  • Great personality and patience with the class
  • KD and Guy kept me in the training by telling real-life stories
  • Very patient in explaining things

Please explain how this training will enable you to change or improve your present assignment.

  • Better self-confidence while working.
  • More confidence in physical confrontations.
  • Added to my skill set and training.
  • All of this was new to me so this will save my life.
  • More confidence in my offensive techniques to protect myself.

This three day course is designed to address violent encounters dealing with suspects of larger stature. When attempting to control larger suspects, size and strength differentials necessitate combat strategies less reliant on pure upper body strength. The concepts and techniques can be utilized by any officer addressing a larger suspect. The days are hands-on and mentally challenging. Officers train and drill wearing vest, gun belt and long pants because anything else makes no sense.
L.O.C.K.U.P. Police Training System and Principles
• Risk Assessment and Threat Indicators
• Ground Fighting Counter Measures
• Fear Management and Control
• Fighting Techniques and Fatigue
• Understanding Weapon Integration
• Decisive Takedown Manipulations
• Active Diffusion Strategies
• Team Approach and Strategies
• Understanding Mass / Power and Kinetic Energy
• Overcoming/ Understanding Size Challenges
• Using Your Size to Your Benefit
• Proper Weapon and Target Selection
• Taser to Physical Control
Court Defendable – Evidence Based – Retainable –  Effective

Registration MUST be through your agency training department or coordinator.
Registrations may be emailed on agency letterhead to Once approved by Agency, attendees must register on Eventbrite@:
with password from the appropriate training supervisor.

For more information contact: Joseph Tata Jr. : Advanced/Specialized Career Training Coordinator@: 561-868-3868
Registration is through Agency Supervisor to Access Eventbrite:

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