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FL – Police Use of Force for Command, Supervisors and Trainers – A Systematic Approach

Daytona State College  School of Emergency Services

Police Use of Force for Command, Supervisors and Trainers – A Systematic Approach
August 3, 2016  / 0800 – 1600 Hours

100% of attending student rated this course in the highest category – Excellent.

Absolutely phenomenal I must have for all supervisors.
Great information.
High volume information.
So much great information, I hope I can retain and all. 
Great, kept you interested and engaged.

What was the most useful part of the presentation?
Everything, seriously.
The real life examples.
Lieutenant Dillon’s knowledge.
PowerPoint, knowledge of the topic.
Big picture concepts.
Video reviews.
Lieutenant Dillon is knowledge and experience and expertise.
The presenter fully explaining the info on the Powerpoints.
The delivery of the information.
Tracking response to resistance for patterns and training.
All of it combined.
This course could be more than one day due to all the excellent pertinent an important information, thank you so much.
The instructor has an excellent working knowledge of the subject matter with the ability to articulate in a manner that’s very understandable and entertaining.
Excellent presentation on all aspects.
I am very glad that I was able to attend and learn.  It is this will allow me to help my fellow officers this class needs to be longer than just one day there is a ton of information that can be expanded upon awesome class!!

In this 8 hour workshop the training will examine the most recent and up to date issues that specifically impact Command, Mid-level Managers and Supervisors concerning police use of force incidents. This overview concentrates on multiple issues ranging from daily officer citizen complaints to investigative issues involving deadly force encounters. Instruction uses lecture and case review. This is essential training for anyone who reviews or oversees police use of force incidents, investigations or training.


  • Legal applications of use of force – What is being reported
  • Early intervention by tracking for use of force
  • Reducing liability in use of force by deploying de-escalation strategies and documentation
  • Reducing liability and increasing officer safety by deploying tactical strategies
  • Strategies on responding to individuals that are considered special populations
  • How to avoid an “Eric Garner case”
  • What to look for when tracking police use of force
  • On scene investigation protocols
  • Coordination and strategies dealing with multiple officer engagements
  • Training measurements and performance – You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
  • Video recording issues regarding viewing and reporting
  • Immediate press release strategies ……Plus more.

Hosted By
Daytona State College  School of Emergency Services

1770 Technology Blvd. – Off North Williamson Blvd.

ATC Campus  Daytona Beach, FL.32117

Ms. Robin Davis – 386-506-4141 office


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