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Grossman and Dillon Together Again – St Paul MN

Lt. Col. Grossman and Lt. Kevin Dillon will also be presenting  again in St. Paul MN in March 2013. COURSE FLIER – CLICK HERE

Hosted by

University of St Thomas and SPPD-PDI
2115 Summit Avenue St Paul, MN 55105
Questions ? Sgt Ed Lemon
(651) 266-5652
MARCH 19, 2013 0800 – 1700

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The CT Fraternal Order of Police  sponsored Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (ret) and Lt. Kevin Dillon (ret) in a team presentation on the Bulletproof Mind and Strategies. The presentation was held at 210 Capital Ave. Hartford CT. The presentation was SOLD OUT with STANDING ROOM ONLY

On December 14, 2012 the CT Fraternal Order of Police hosted Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Lt. Kevin Dillon (ret) for their team presentation of the Bulletproof Mind and Strategies. The SOLD OUT standing room only presentation was held at the State Capitol Building in Hartford CT.  This turned out to be the day of the Newtown CT School Shooting!

This was the third seminar that Lt. Col. Grossman and Lt. Dillon have made together in 2012. The joint presentation blends the world famous concepts of Lt. Col. Grossman’s and adds Lt. Dillon’s Strategies and Tactics, As they have evolved the in the LOCKUP Combat Training System.  The next blended presentation is scheduled (together is) in St Paul MN (to be held) on March 12, 2013

The utility for this blended presentation is absolutely (couldn’t be more) current.  A dark cloud emerged in the Hartford  CT seminar when Lt. Dillon was discussing the need to add Patrol Solo Deployment  to Active Shooter Training. When polling the audience about how many agencies were training in Active Shooter Training, 90% of the attendees raised their hands;  when Lt. Dillon asked how many were training in Patrol Solo Deployments, no hands raised. However the discussion revealed that officers would readily deploy as a solo unit regardless if the team was in place or not. Lt. Dillon’s point was “Why aren’t you training for it?”  It was at that very moment that a student raised their hand to report that they just received information that the Newtown CT Sandy Hook School Massacre had just occurred.  Newtown was a mere hour away from Hartford.

What the ATTENDEES had to say:

  • “Far exceeded my expectations”
  • “Highest-quality, emotional uplifting”
  • “K.D. and Col. Grossman are the best of the best.”
  • “Delivered material with passion, I cannot be more grateful that I was able to attend.”
  • “The course went beyond my expectations.”
  • “Very eye opening.”
  • “Excellent delivery of materials, incorporated with humor gives a memorable experience.”
  • “Very knowledgeable interesting to listen, caring and capture your attention.”
  • “Dillon and Grossman are extremely knowledgeable of the subject and are energetic and passionate about the subject matter.”
  •  “Expectations were high and were met.”
  • “The class is a must for all officers.”
  • “Lt. Dillon and Col. Grossman did an excellent job reinforcing the warrior mentality in how to utilize it in the job.”
  • Excellent speakers, very engaging, presented material well. Entertaining!”
  •  “Both instructors had different styles of teaching but both instructors were entertaining  and kept  the  audience interested.”

Lt. Col. Grossman and Lt. Kevin Dillon will also be presenting in St. Paul MN in March 2013. COURSE FLIER – CLICK HERE

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