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This intensive two day course is designed specifically for SWAT officers. The fighting concepts and maneuvers are based on SWAT entries and deployments and physical combat maneuvers are designed to be deployed while officers are in full SWAT gear. This innovative course gives both individuals and teams the ability to physically control hostile individuals during SWAT operations including handgun and long gun retention techniques. Officers train and drill in full gear because nothing else makes sense!

Officers learn

  • L.O.C.K.U.P. Police Training System and principles,
  • risk assessment and threat indicators,
  • understanding the dynamics of police engagements,
  • legal aspects of use of force,
  • fear management and control,
  • understanding physical and physiological changes during deployments,
  • equipment capabilities and restrictions,
  • coordinated communications and takedowns,
  • striking systems for the SWAT officer,
  • weapon retention and response,
  • “flashbang” fighting philosophy,
  • handcuffing and other restraints, and
  • weapons to hands transitional techniques.
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