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Detective Josh Seifert  has been serving with a suburban Minnesota Police Department since 2000 and is currently assigned to West Team Investigations. Detective Seifert spent 16 years in patrol both on the road and working in a specialized foot patrol unit. In addition to his patrol and investigative experience, Josh has been an arrest and control instructor since 2002 and was personally selected by Lt. Kevin F. Dillon to serve on his instructional staff.

Since 2009, Josh, a Master Instructor in the L.O.C.K.U.P. ® System has trained, coached and certified hundreds of L.O.C.K.U.P. ® Instructors nation-wide.

Josh has studied Brazilian and Goshen Jiu Jitsu, American and Muay Thai Boxing and used his experience early in his training career to introduce the principles of ground fighting and team arrest and control tactics at his home agency. Detective Seifert has had the privilege to serve as a Firearms Coach since 2004 and has completed       training in two Soulis Shooting System Instructor courses.

In 2004 Josh was selected and appointed to the SWAT Team and served as an operator and Sniper until his retirement from the Team in April of 2020. During that time, Josh graduated from Snipercraft basic and advanced courses, served on the MN Special Operations Training Association Board and was involved in operations in New Orleans and Cedar Rapids, the Republican National Convention, Super Bowl LII, NCAA Final 4, graduate of the DARC LE Counter Terrorism Course in Arkansas and more recently, assisted with operations related to the civil unrest in Minnesota.

In 2009, Josh completed his Bachelor of Science Degree from Saint Mary’s University and authored his Capstone on the topic of Reality-Based Training. Josh remains actively involved in the regional and National training community and is currently focused on the completion of his Master’s Degree.

Officer Josh Seifert is a great addition for our company. After training with him personally for over 5 years I  noticed how he continually refined his craft both physically and intellectually. His thirst for knowledge about the  methods and principle’s  of  law enforcement  combatives and the profession of instructing was evident.  I was honored when he agreed to join our team.
                                                       Lieutenant Kevin F. Dillon (Ret)


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