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(LIVE Fire – Empty Hand Combatives – Scenario Based Training)

The  Integrated Use of Force in Extreme Close Quarters for the Street Officer is a three day program delivered through lectures, drills, physical skill instruction, firearms, role play, and practical scenario applications. This custom designed program involves training in physical skills and firearms drills in tubular and extreme close quarters. The course is designed to instruct students in using the amount of force necessary to control a combative suspect using less lethal immediate physical combative responses instead of deadly force using department issued handguns.

Students will learn the Integration of L.O.C.K.U.P. ® / Soulis Shooting System and will

  • learn the psychophysiological dynamics of combat and how it             relates to their performance during close quarter engagements,
  •  the importance of “risk management for combat concept”,
  • learn how to apply principles of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution which governs the use of force (deadly and non-deadly),
  •  be able to demonstrate basic combat striking techniques to manipulate the skeleton in close quarter engagements,
  • learn basic fighting positions from standing, kneeling and grounded positions within tight physical surroundings,
  •  understand the five principles of tubular engagements,
  •  develop a knowledge base for utilizing the environment to their advantage for positioning for tactical responses,
  •  learn body fusion and skeletal pinning techniques from standing, kneeling and grounded positions,
  • learn redirection options when confronting an attacking suspect, and
  • learn close quarters weapon disarming techniques.

Firearms Goals

Students will

  • learn and demonstrate shooting platforms from seated, standing, kneeling and grounded positions within tight physical surroundings,
  • learn and demonstrate single handed close quarters shooting tactics,
  • learn and demonstrate two handed close quarters shooting tactics,
  • learn, demonstrate and perform precision shooting skills within a tubular environment, and
  • learn and demonstrate angles of fire with extreme close quarters or within a tubular environment.

Scenario Exercises

The students will be equipped with safety equipment for force-on-force options using training marking rounds or Airsoft type training weapons. Students will practice in a tubular setting (train, bus or airplane) with scripted scenarios to enhance the learning of covered content.

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