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L.O.C.K.U.P. ® Arrest and Control CT – 9 Day Instructor Training

L.O.C.K.U.P. ® Arrest and Control
CT – 9 Day Instructor Training
Hosted by
New Britain CT Police Department
Congratulations to the new LOCKUP CT Arrest and Control Instructors

What the students had to say!

• “Expected to learn breakdown and teaching methods for LOCKUP. Expectations was met and exceeded.”
• “Best training I have ever been too.”
• “This class was beyond expectations. This class is one huge step on a great journey. It was on point!”
• “Materials and resources used were great. Instructors all display true passion and belief in what they present.”
• “The courses exceeded my overall expectations.”
• “All instructors were readily available and extremely eager to answer any questions and provide further demonstration.”
• “Learned many knew maneuvers that I can now use during many street encounters.”
• “In my assignment only carry my firearm. I will use these techniques to combat suspects and non-deadly force engagements.”
• “The course is just as challenging as I expected. I can use this material on the street almost every day.”
• “Tough class, learned numerous techniques that can be applied on the street.”
• “All offices should take this… Thorough with material everything was explained in simple terms for all to understand.”
• “Great instructors but honestly K.D. (Lt. Dillon) is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had the pleasure to learn from. Someone who knows the material and can back it up with relevant facts and examples is impressive.”
• “Much better officer after class, great understanding of LOCKUP and how to teach others.”
Ofc Chuck Lelas is a great teacher, helped when needed. Lt. Buckley – lots of knowledge in LOCKUP and police work and how is includes LOCKUP.”
• “I am 100% more confident in physical encounters while on the street.”
• “Every aspect of training was completely applicable to law enforcement.”
• “Not only will I have the training to end the physical encounters safer but will be better at articulating the necessity of my actions.”
(Improve Training?) – “Yes! Its designed for my job.”
• (Recommend Training) – “Absolutely: it’s sad that 90% of officers won’t be able to training with Lt. Dillon.”
• “The presentation was good both visually (practical) and thorough handouts.”
• “Exceeded my expectations, great course.”
• “I am better prepared for hand to hand combat while on duty. More comfortable engaging in physical altercations.”
• “Instruction was flawless. Everything was explained in full detail.”
• “All the instructors are awesome.”
• “I feel I have more choices when dealing with non-compliant suspects.”


Session 1 – March 17, 18, 19, 2015

Session 2 March 31 – April 2, 2015

Session 3 April 7, 8, 9, 2015

An intensive 9-day training program on L.O.C.K.U.P.® Police Combat Arrest and Control – Train the Trainer. This course provides in-depth arrest and control confrontation training. It develops a solid foundation of de-escalation tactics, physical manipulation techniques with instructional methods that will certify the student as a Basic Connecticut Arrest and Control Instructor. The empty-hand skills can be relied upon by individual officers or with a partner. This system is a complete arrest and control program that fully integrates all weapons systems of law enforcement.

Risk Management for Confrontations
Legal Aspects of Use of Force
Report Writing, Documentation and Tracking
Verbal Communication – Effective De-escalation Skills
Instructional Techniques to Fit the Employee
Trouble Shooting Combative Maneuvers
Fighting Tactics from Multiple Platforms
Offensive vs. Defensive Strategies
Team Communications and Takedowns
Police Ground Fighting Tactics
Managing and Documenting Training
Environmental Training
Physiological Changes During Human Aggression
Much more!

* CT POSTC credits applied *
Sergeant Thomas Gray
New Britain Police Department
Support Services / Training Division
10 Chestnut Street – New Britain, CT 06051
(860) 826-3081

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