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L.O.C.K.U.P. ® Ground Fighting – Train the Trainer

This five-day course is designed as a Train the Trainer for Police Ground Fighting. The program is an in-depth presentation of police ground fighting arrest and control techniques, legal guidelines and instructional methods used to develop a strong foundation of law enforcement ground combatives. With a highly estimated number of fighting engagements going to the ground along with the increased number of MMA and Grappling schools law enforcement must be prepared to use tactics and strategies specifically focused on ground fighting tactics designed for law enforcement.  This is NOT a police grappling course, it is a law enforcement designed ground fighting course focusing on survival and arrest and control tactics.  L.O.C.K.U.P. ® orientation provides the base of the system with the course specifically focusing on grounded engagements. Topics Include:

  • Falling and Rolling Techniques.
  • One Leg Takedown
  • Clinch Takedown
  • Sprawling
  • Ground Positions – Mount, Guard and Side Control Platforms
  • Police Ground Fighting vs  Grappling
  • Counter Offense from the Guard Position
  • Counter Offense from the Mounted Position
  • Maintaining and Escaping the Side –Control
  • Submission Holds to L.O.C.K.U.P. Handcuffing positions
  • Weapon Retention from a Grounded Position
  • Forearm Fusion Techniques
  • Drawing from the Ground Position
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