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Congratulations to new LOCKUP Ground Fighting Instructors

St. Cloud FL Police Department 3371 Cord Ave. St. Cloud Florida

Hosts L.O.C.K.U.P. ® Police Ground Fighting Instructor Training

With Det. Rob Magao April 28 – May 2, 2014

Congratulations to the new L.O.C.K.U.P. Ground Fighting Instructors of Central Florida. The officers went through a five day physically intensively  instructor course. This is NOT a sport orientated  grappling program but a integrated combatives  program specifically designed for law enforcement encounters. 061


What the students had to say.

Course Expectations

  • “It exceeded my expectations.”
  • “I had a very limited knowledge of ground fighting and I now feel like with continued practice I will be able to pass this information on to our deputies.”
  • “Very practical use for law-enforcement. This course provided lots of new and fresh training techniques.”
  • “Awesome class, another well formulated reality based class.”
  • “I have taken four LOCKUP classes they have all been outstanding!”
  • “Learned a lot about how to work your way up to your feet and how to control in a position of advantage.
  • “Well put together.”
  • “Very good class, great instructors extremely hard on the body very realistic.”
  • “Great course, a lot of information and techniques to work with.”
  • “Over and beyond what I expected.”

Please explain how this training will enable you to change or improve your present assignment?

  • “Taking all my training from all my LOCKUP classes has been a tremendous help to not only me but my agency as well.”
  • “Keep better control of suspect and keep myself and other deputies safe.”
  • “The technique shown are backed up with reasoning. “
  • “We plan on bringing LOCKUP to our agency as our main teaching resource.”
  • “I will definitely bring these techniques back to my department to share.”
  • “This training will continue to be incorporated into our programs. “
  •  “This class added skills to our current LOCKUP training.”
  • “I feel more combat ready, I will now be looking for things that I would not have done before.”
  • “I will use this material to improve the training at our department. “
  • “This will help our training more than you know, thank you for your time and effort.”

Instructors Det. Rob Magao and Sgt. Guy Samuelson

“Rob is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in his craft he is expertly able to translate it to law enforcement.”

  • “Very high skilled in subject matter, has the ability to transition from jujitsu to police work application.”
  • “Very down to earth style of instruction easily interpreted by the student.”
  • “Very skilled fighter and thinker, every technique taught was covered from multiple angles. i thought rob was an excellent instructor.”
  • “Amazing instructor extremely knowledgeable not only about jujitsu but also it’s real application to law enforcement situations.
  •  “Very well spoken and very informative great instructor, an abundance of knowledge, excellent presentation.
  • “Rob was excellent, nice to have a law-enforcement officer to our teaching he made instruction relevant to what we do daily.” .
  •  “Guy is versed in several aspects in the training and interjects his training when applicable.”
  • “Great role model, excellent trainer, knows the material.”
  • “Awesome instructor, very helpful.”
  • “Extremely knowledgeable well as an all-around great instructor.”
  • “Great team work with lead instructor, well-spoken and great command presence.”
  • “Guy was terrific as always. Every time I train with him I learn more and more.”



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