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MA – LOCKUP Close Quarter Control for SWAT Officers

Massachusettes Municipal Police Training Committee SOLD OUT!
L.O.C.K.U.P.® Close Quarter Control for SWAT Officers
Sept. 15 -16, 2021

CONGRATULATIONS to the SWAT Officers of Massachusettes that attended, actively participated, and successfully completed this intensive 2-day training program on Close Quarter Control Tactics for the SWAT Officer. Officers trained in full gear with dedication and focus efforts learning how to control hostile and non-hostile individuals in a close-quarter setting.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to Chief Robert J. Ferullo, Jr. (ret.) and Charles “Chuck” DiChiara for their support, trust, and assistance in the facilitation of the training.


Please assess the quality of this presentation.
17 out of 19 rated it at its highest level (Excellent) 2 rated it as (Very Good)

  • Very knowledgeable
  • Excellent training
  • Good but I would have liked to have done more of the drills we did in kit. However, I realized the time constraints in the need to cover the basics good class.
  • The presentation was well thought out and presented thoroughly Outstanding – very informative
  • Real-world

 Was this program relevant to your work assignment?
17 out of 19 rated it at its highest level (Excellent) 2 rated it as (Very Good)

  • Designed for SWAT close quarters
  • Yes Sir. Swat and tactics, totally relevant
  • Patrol and SWAT
  • very relevant – we are able to use them immediately
  • Yes

 Please comment on the instruction of this program. (Training aids, multimedia etc.)
19 out of 19 rated it at its highest level (Excellent)

  • Information on PowerPoint very relevant to the class and police reform
  • both instructors were excellent
  • Excellent use of aids
  • Instructors lived it so there is a high degree of buy-in
  • Very positive, passionate instructors
  • Hands-on is crucial
  • Great hands-on demo and PowerPoint
  • Bring this to all facets of police work

 Would you recommend this training to other officers?
17 out of 19 rated it at its highest level (Excellent) 2 rated it as (Very Good)

  • All patrol officers should have to attend
  • My whole team should attend
  • SWAT officers only
  • Yes
  • Every officer could benefit from this program
  • “Specific for SWAT and might be difficult for the average officer to grasp
  • Absolutely
  • Definitely, bring it to patrol

 Please rate the instructors in this program. (Lt. Kevin Dillon (ret) and Dan Cruz)
18 out of 19 rated it at its highest level (Excellent) 2 rated it as (Very Good)

  • Very informative
  • K.D. (Lt. Dillon) and Dan Cruz, Super knowledgeable, very enthusiastic approach to teaching
  • Backgrounds and training support the material covered
  • Best trainer in the business -great course
  • Very knowledgeable, obviously dedicated, passionate, and informed
  • Very knowledgeable in the subject matter. Great overall presentation
  • Knowledgeable, credible, efficient
  • Very knowledgeable, approachable, and engaging
  • K.D. (Lt. Dillon) and Dan Excellent training as usual

This intensive 2-day course is designed specifically for SWAT Officers. The arrest and control concepts are based on SWAT entries and deployments. The physical combat maneuvers are designed to be deployed while officers are in full SWAT gear. This innovative course will give both individuals and teams the ability to physically control hostile individuals and develop a strong development of control skills needed for SWAT combat. Officers train and drill in full gear because anything else makes no sense!

Officers learn:

  • Principles of the L.O.C.K.U.P.® Police Combat System
  • Risk Assessment and Threat Indicators
  • Legal Aspects of Use of Force for SWAT
  • Understanding Physical and Physiological Changes During Deployments
  • Equipment Capabilities and Restrictions
  • Coordinated Communications and Takedowns
  • Striking Systems for the SWAT Officer
  • Weapon Retention and Response
  • Integrated Fighting Concepts of Officer Survival   (Re-creating the realism)
  • Hand to Hand drills
  • Weapon Transitional Importance and Drills
  • Fighting Drills in Close Quarters
  • Scenario Exercises within Simulated Environments
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