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MO – Use of Force Concepts and Analysis for Police Leaders

St. Louis County Police Department – MO
Use of Force Concepts and Analysis for Police Leaders with Lt. Kevin Dillon (ret)
Sept. 9 – 16, 2022

It was a pleasure and honor to present four separate sessions on – Use of Force Analysis and Investigation for Police Leaders Sept. 13 – 16, 2022 to the Command level officers of the St. Louis County Police Department MO. The training was very well received by all attendees, and they participated actively throughout the entire presentation. The attending students displayed high levels of enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism throughout the training session. A review of the course evaluations revealed an overwhelming satisfaction rating from the class.

Course Evaluations and Student Feedback – Session 1, Sept. 13, 2022

  • I enjoyed this class and felt like I learned a lot from the material. I like how he related to real-life scenarios to teach.
  • A lot of information was presented. Most information was valuable. This course could have been a three-day class.
  • Among the best I’ve ever attended. Instructors’ knowledge is profound in the content is relevant, useful, and needed by this agency.
  • The information is relevant to law enforcement and should be taught to all officers within this department.
  • Excellent course and material. Dynamic and knowledgeable instructor.
  • Excellent training, completely applicable to the target audience. This training will definitely help me to review the content and verbiage that is used in the use of force reporting. The instructor did an outstanding job of presenting the material.
  • The instructor of this course was definitely knowledgeable and had a genuine concern for the topic and how it impacts officers. His material was current and relevant. This is a course that all supervisors from sergeant to chief need to attend.
  • Excellent description of the biological human response to use of force.
  • Great information from an instructor who has an obvious passion in talent to teach it.
  • Excellent energy, relevant content. Timely examples that drove conversation.
  • Instructor is an expert in his field, very informative. Held the attention of all students attending. Recommend all supervisors attend this class.

 Course Evaluations and Student Feedback – Session 2, Sept. 14, 2022

  • Great information and a wealth of knowledge.
  • Good videos to back up material.
  • Excellent class, wish it was longer.
  • Great content and great speaker. Kept the audience engaged information was extremely relevant and up-to-date.
  • Fantastic
  • Much needed training every officer should attend. 
  • I really enjoyed the class and appreciated that the instructor made it fun. The instructor displayed his wisdom, expertise and personable personality. The information given is very useful. I Particularly like the enthusiasm and passion from the instructor. Information given is very beneficial and the entire department should take the training.
  • Excellent course. Information is extremely valuable and pertinent should be offered to frontline supervisors and officer Kevin is obviously an expert in the field of use of force.
  • This is excellent training. It should be taught in some manner to all commissioned officers. The material covered is highly relevant and timely. The instructor is very well informed and presented the material in an engaging enthusiastic manner
  • Excellent course. Needs to be part of first-line supervision process and Leadership for Commanders.

 Course Evaluations and Student Feedback – Session 3, Sept. 15, 2022

  • Outstanding class! Good information and suggestions to improve our organization to protect against liability. Great recommendations on documenting use of force reports.
  • Material was insightful, timely, and applicable to use the force investigations within the department. The instructor had several suggestions that could be implemented to reduce liability for the department, such as tracking positive citizen interaction and de-escalations.
  • Dynamic course. Excellent information. of course that officers and sergeants should attend kept my interest throughout the day.
  • Outstanding presenter that did a great job covering lots of important topics. Very informative.
  • Much needed refresher!
  • All officers should attend this class not just supervisors.
  • Provided a clear understanding of the investigative techniques for use of force.
  • Great class and on point for the type of information most officers do not get during a typical end service.
  • Very useful information instructor was very informative.
  • Very knowledgeable instructor a ton of relatable information definitely information that I will recall refer to in the future when reviewing use of force situations.
  • The material is very relative to the job and I believe this will help in continuing to develop my subordinates.
  • Topic was very pertinent instructor was knowledgeable and engaging. I would have included sergeants in this training.
  • Information on what to take in consideration when investigating use of force.
  • As an officer trying to become a Sergeant, I found this class to be a great review for documenting use of force and consider all circumstances.
  • Great course and informative.
  • Instructor was very knowledgeable about use of force the science behind in how the brain works. He knows how to keep the class interesting and fun to learn.
  • Excellent course would be suitable for police officers and sergeants. Instructor was fantastic. Good course appropriate for the department leadership.
  • Very good class, knowledgeable and engaging instructor, good information for evaluating incidents and situations. Department needs to evaluate operational suggestions.

Course Evaluations and Student Feedback – Session 4, Sept. 16, 2022

  • D. (Lt. Dillon) presents his material in an interesting and entertaining manner for a relatively dry subject topic, he does a good job of keeping our attention.
  • Great course. Provides a great deal of perspective towards use of force incidents. Instructor has a lot of knowledge and it has done hours upon hours of research relative to subject.
  • Very smart on the topic he instructed.
  • Through this course I was able to gain insight into considerations I need take on calls. In terms of use of force reports it helped with terms I should use and the level of detail that needs to be used.
  • Highly recommend should be offered to all levels in department.
  • Good program – lots of material.
  • Instructor is obvious expert and use of force situations. Instructor provided valuable information for these investigations and training methods.

St. Louis County Police Department to bring in Lt. Kevin Dillon (Ret) to train Command and Supervision staff in Use of Force Analysis and Investigation. Today every use of force incident is scrutinized frame by frame on a video and judged by untrained individuals  (especially within our own organizations) creating distrust and false narratives. The use of force analysis, investigation, and training is a complex continually evolving issue. This 1-day training session is designed for Police Leaders who, review, report, and instructor investigates police use of force incidents. The training will examine the most recent and up-to-date issues that specifically impact Leaders, IA investigators, and trainers concerning police use of force incidents. This course breaks down multiple issues ranging from daily officer citizen complaints, curriculum design, use of force reporting, tracking and trending, and investigation involving police use of force encounters. Instruction uses lectures, case studies, and demonstrations. “One improper technique changed the county!”


  • Legal applications of use of force – What is being reported
  • Early Intervention tracking for use of force
  • Reducing liability in use of force by deploying de-escalation strategies and documentation
  • Reducing liability and increasing officer safety by deploying tactical strategies
  • Strategies on responding to individuals that are considered special populations
  • How to avoid an “Eric Garner Incident”
  • How to avoid a “George Floyd Incident”
  • What steps have you taken to identify foreseeable incidents?
  • What to look for when tracking police use of force
  • Training curriculum selection and review
  • Coordination and strategies dealing with multiple officer engagements
  • Training measurements and performance – You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
  • Video recording issues regarding viewing and reporting
  • Immediate press release strategies ……Plus more.LT. KEVIN DILLON (ret) is a highly sought-after speaker and international trainer. He has lectured on use of force on executive issues throughout the country. He has developed 2 national law enforcement programs. L.O.C.K.U.P. Arrest and Control and L.E.A.D.S., Law Enforcement Active De-escalation Strategies (Approved by the US DOJ.). Lt. Dillon is a graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy, is certified by the Force Science Institute for  Analysis of Use of Force Incidents, certified by the Institute of  Prevention of In-Custody Deaths for Use of force and the Agitated States. Lieutenant Dillon is also a certified Litigation Specialist with A.E.L.E. His appearances include the International Association of Chief of Police (IACP), Commission of Accreditation for Law  Enforcement Agencies (CALEA®) and FBI Command College,  FBI  LEEDA  and DLG Use of Force Summits. He has appeared on CNN, Fox, NPR and is a contributing columnist to

The FBI National Academy Associates – 2022 Science and Innovation Award
 presented to
L.O.C.K.U.P. Arrest and Control and L.E.A.D.S. Law Enforcement Active Diffusion Strategies Training Systems

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