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New LOCKUP Instructors in MN, MI, IL and Canada

Congratulations to the 30 new LOCKUP instructors who successfully passed the intensive 5 day Instructor training program hosted by the St Paul MN Professional Development Institute from June 23 – 27, 2014. Officers from 19 different agencies from Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, and Canada participated in the LOCKUP Train the Trainer course and will be bringing their skills back to their agencies.

Read what the officers had to say of their training experience.

Evaluation question. “Please assess how this course met your overall expectations?

• “Did not know what to expect, but was surprised what I learned.”

• “Beyond what I expected!”

• “I learned new and old but mostly importantly I learned how to be a better instructor.”

• “This course was instructed was very professional with integrity, it exceeded my expectations.”

• “Our PD was in need of a handcuffing and control program, now we have one.”

• “This course was absolutely incredible! Course material was excellent easy to grasp and top notch instructors.

Other Comments,

• “I learn new techniques that are easy to employ.”

• “The combination of physical maneuvers in psychological strategy is valuable.”

• “Great course!

• “Tons of knowledge this group holds.

• “Kept a high-intensity interest all week very motivational.”

• “I have been to many use of force training programs and this combat training is the best!”

• “Great instruction, plenty of time to become familiar with the techniques.”

“Best combat tactics training I have been too.”

• “Very detailed yet simple and practical to learn and use .”

• “Was way better than I thought.”

• “They care what they taught 100%.”

• “Exceeded, best hands on course I’ve been too.”

• “Very well done, very informative.”

• “Great training methodology.”

• “It went beyond!”

• “ I learned a lot of helpful information.”

• “I feel confident in taking control of subjects on my own now, I did not before this class. I’m excited to pass my knowledge to fellow officers.”

• “I loved the visual and hands on portions of the course.”

• “Instructors were very knowledgeable.”

“As a first year combatives instructor this course provided me with a solid foundation to build upon.”

• “This course teaches us how to teach which is important but rare in law enforcement.”

• “I am one of three instructors and now all three of us have been through this course which we will plan to implement 100%.”

• “As a trainer supervisor I plan on continuing to send all my officers to LOCKUP.”

Evaluation question. Would you recommend this training to other officers?

100% of attending students stated that they would recommend this course to their peers.

All course evaluations are kept on file in the office of KFD Training and Consultation LLC and are open for review

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