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NJ – L.E.A.D.S. – Law Enforcement Active De-escalation Strategies Instructor

L.E.A.D.S. – Law Enforcement Active De-escalation Strategies
3 Day – Instructor Training
March 6 – 8, 2024  0830 – 1630

Please assess the quality of this presentation.
18 out of 19 students rated this class at the highest level of excellent. 1 student rated it as very good.

  • This was a very well thought out and developed informative program great use of training aids, anecdotes and demonstrations.
  • KD keeps every student locked in. This class was not boring at all which was nice for a change.
  • The presentation was clear and concise.
  • Channeled my opinion on de-escalation.
  • The information in this presentation is spaced out well and it hits all the points well. The reading list in the back is helpful to know the basis of the knowledge.
  • The presentation of this course was well done to near perfection.
  • Where to start understand the process of the brain was unusual but helpful in understanding behavior.
  • Very informative
  • Great and well thought out presentation. 
  • Top shelf!
  • So call back to speak with one of our licensed agents I have already shared this information learned with both friends and family.
  • Quality was great.
  • Adequate amount of interaction in real life examples to better aid learning
  • Instructor was energetic and fun which kept the class engaged.
  • Excellent, good strategies to bring back to department.
  • Excellent class very informative with real world answers.
  • 100% of attending students stated they would recommend this class to their peers.

 Please comment on the instruction of the program. (Training aids, multimedia, etc.)
18 out of 19 students rated this class at the highest level of excellent. 1 student rated it as very good.

  • The presentation was excellent. It kept your attention and the videos were relevant, perfectly placed, and helped illustrate the lesson.
  • Learned a lot of new things that will be passed on to the department.
  • Well versed in material extremely knowledgeable.
  • The instruction was relatable allowing for easier understanding of the material.
  • The videos were often in had a good training objective.
  • Exceeded perfectly. Humor, to the point, kept my attention entirely.
  • Slide show in use of the smart board was extremely helpful.
  • Perfectly formatted. Everything flowed seamlessly.
  • . I was drawn in the 1st 30 seconds!

 Would you recommend this training to other officers?

100% of attending students rated that they would recommend this course to their peers.

 Please assess the instructors of this program. Lieutenant Kevin Dillon (Ret)
100% rated the instructor in the highest category as (5) excellent. 

  • This is the second course I’ve taken with Lt. Dillon, and I hope to take more. He is an absolutely incredible instructor. He is so knowledgeable and, engaging. Time flew and  I was just locked in Lt. Dillon is passionate and it shows. He is funny and every one of us was likely to have had this opportunity.
  • K.D. (Lt. Dillon) was awesome and so energetic.
  •  Extremely knowledgeable period keeps your attention the entire time.
  • K.D. Did an excellent job. Relaying information and keeping the students engaged.
  • The best!
  • Lt. Dillon is a very good instructor. He is energetic and uses his body during teaching. This keeps the adult students engaged and interested in the lesson.
  • Other courses should desire this method of instruction. It is the gold standard.
  • The instructor believes in the program and information and that was transferred to this student
  • very knowledgeable, animated to keep the class engaged.
  • The instructor was amazing and very well versed in the material.
  • Extremely knowledgeable on the material. This class is my top three classes of all time!
  • Knowledgeable, experience, awesome and storytelling. People person!
  • The best!

This is a nationally recognized  conflict resolution de-escalation certification course. The L.E.A.D.S. ™ Plus T – Law Enforcement Active De-escalation Strategies Training  was developed in 2007 and is being used throughout the United States. 

Through lectures, demonstrations, role play, and practical scenario applications, this course is an instructor level program designed  to qualify students in the L.E.A.D.S. ™ – Law      Enforcement Active De-escalation Strategies . The course is classroom based to educate and train instructors in positive communications skills, effective de-escalation techniques, anger management and combat confrontation avoidance techniques. The course teaches how to recognize aggressive behaviors and keep them from  escalating. Students learn Active De-escalation Strategies that can avoid or resolve negative interactions by employing effective de-escalation methods. This course also discusses  tactical responses to use when diffusion tactics are inappropriate or ineffective and teaches distraction techniques that promote the success of tactical applications. 


  • learn how to turn negative communication into positive
  • identify professional benefits of respect
  • learn anger management techniques
  • learn effective verbal de-escalation strategies
  • community empowerment and partnership strategies
  • understand physiological changes during aggression
  • learn to use cognitive limitations for active diffusion
  • learn methods to redirect thought process through positive direction
  • communicate and respond to special populations
    ; (ex.-mental illness, autism, disabilities)
  • learn methods of motivational interviewing skills
  • learn tactically relocation strategies to delay confrontations
  • learn to build community partnerships through daily interactions
  • learn to conduct breakout sessions for roll playing exercises
  • learn communication and physical strategies to de-escalate situations
  • learn how de-escalation and or the lack of is used in litigation plus more!
  • teaching methodologies and adult learning principles and classroom and scenario facilitations.
  • Learn communication and physical strategies to de-escalate situations…plus more!



FBI National Associates 2022 Science and Innovation Award
L.O.C.K.U.P. Arrest and Control Training  & 
L.E.A.D.S. Law Enforcement Active Diffusion


ONLY $695.00

Course Flier

214 Oldham Road, Wayne, NJ 07470
Kyra Deegan
Training Division  / 973.225.7844

St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy – MO
L.E.A.D.S. – Law Enforcement Active De-escalation Strategies
3 Day – Instructor Training
Nov. 8 – 10, 2023

This is what the attending officers had to say:

Very good course. Great interaction between instructor and students. I’ve been to another de-escalation instructor course from another company and that one did not hit on the brain or science behind it. This one did and I found it be very beneficial. The instructor gave a lot of examples and research to back up what he was teaching.
Lieutenant – 16 years of experience

Provided many tools for de-escalation in both high and low stress environments. Would recommend this course to all officers / departments. Though I utilize many of these already, I can now practice them and use them fully in proactive and be more self aware of my own biases/limbic responses so I can correct it on scene and provide better more efficient service.
BFO / Patrol – 4 years of experience

The L.E.A.D.S. course was very knowledgeable. It brought new techniques of de-escalating incidents dealing with individuals in crisis. I would like to see more scenarios to get others involved. For the other officers that are physical learners.
BFO / Patrol Officer – 2 years of experience

I learned several important strategies from this training. The instructor K.D. (Lt. Kevin Dillon) really knows how to get your attention and hold it. He uses all three ways of learning in his training. Visual, auditory and kinesthetic. I feel confident I can use these skills in my position and train others to use them correctly.
FTO / Acting Supervisor, CIT

Kevin was a great instructor. Entertaining, motivative, lots of great stories which helped emphasize the lessons. He is clearly an expert. The course was well organized, and the material is easily translatable to everyday situations.
Sergeant – 33 years experience

K.D. presents the class and an enjoyable manner that requires participation and thought from the students. He is clearly an expert and transfers that knowledge and passion to his students. The class challenges the students to think critically and will be beneficial in applying to real world scenarios.
Sergeant -14 years experience

I understand now even though it was a lot of the same info and other classes. The value in relearning and seeing the info in different ways in multiple times period would love to take more classes next year.
Acting Sergeant – 3 years experience

This course was extremely well taught. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and passionate about the course. Our instructor instructed with all the students and made the subject matter easy to understand. This course will make me more efficient and proficient in identifying how I can help individuals deal with calls for service.
Patrol – 1.5 years experience

This course sure has amazing material the instructor was very knowledgeable and the content was relevant to the job duties I would like to see every law enforcement department implement this training to their officers.
Saint Louis University – 6 months

The course was excellent. KD provided A wealth of information and material that is extremely beneficial to officers. His instruction, delivery style and real life examples made the course extremely relatable and applicable. Every officer should have and would benefit from taking this course.
Patrol Sergeant – 9 years experience

I feel every department should send multiple officers to this train the trainer course. It is a imperative that departments include de-escalation techniques in curriculum. I have been an officer for nine years but this is the first class that taught me tried and proven de-escalation techniques.
Special Enforcement Unit – 9 years of experience.

L.E.A.D.S. Plus T is an extremely valuable program for anyone in law enforcement. But also for others who may be dealing with the public on a regular basis. The skills and the techniques taught in this course are unmatched. KD is energetic, encourages participation, and it is clear that he is an expert in his field.
Supervisory U.S. Park Ranger 12 years experience

The course was great! Very informative and the instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject good use of videos and real experiences, good engagement with the class
Public safety officer 1.5 years


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