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NJ – Use of Force Investigation and Analysis for Police, Correction Leaders

Good energy on the presentation, very good examples given.
Swat team 23 years


Awesome instructor, excellent.
Sergeant Fugitive Unit 17 years

Very informative and knowledgeable, kept class motivated and excited, knows his stuff

This helped open my mind to the different angles of my job. Excellent instruction. Instructor very passionate and knowledgeable.

Outstanding. I have a much better understanding on how officers process things under stress.
Training  10 years

The packet and lecture gave a high quality of information that is easy to follow and relatable. K.D. was an excellent instructor that kept the class interesting and relatable.

The presentation was clear and concise order, easy to read and comprehend. K.D. Is a phenomenal instructor. Clearly a subject matter expert. Relatable, provides comedic relief when needed and emphasizes the severity of the issue when appropriate.
Sergeant 11 years

As a use of force instructor I will add several new elements to my training for conducting meaningful reviews of UOF incidents. I will be able to better explain the physiological impacts these incidents create.

Should be taught in every police Academy in the country. I wish it focused a little more on specifics on the New Jersey AG guideline on use of force pitfalls and benchmarks.
Patrol Sergeant 10 years

Great job and displayed their knowledge.
Professional Standards Detective 17 years

The presentation was amazing and the instructor kept us interested and involved. The instructor was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject.
 Internal affairs 8 years

Instructor, Kevin Dillon was a great speaker. His knowledge should be shared with everyone this training will definitely help me in my current assignment by making me understand how the mind works during these stressful times.
Internal Affairs 26 years.

Very knowledgeable in explaining terminology and reviewing when force is used. Perspective of investigating force incidents.
Detective 28 years.

KD is great. This course will help me explain any use of force incidents I may have to investigate.
Special Operations Commander 20 years.

Essential information for all police leaders and anyone who teaches or evaluates use of force. World class. Commander forces investigations unit 21 years.

Very good quality but thought it would be more actually breaking down the use of force per video. Lt. Dillon is a superb instructor and I love his animations.
Det. Captain 22 years

Great presentation by Kevin, highly recommend this course.
 Deputy Chief of Investigative Services.

Great slides and good knowledge of material highly recommend.

Very current and knowledgeable on use of force but more importantly, K.D. gave me a different perspective to look at as it pertains to human decision making. K.D. is probably one of the best instructors I have had the pleasure of being in the same room as.

Based on this training I intend on encouraging my fellow executives to break up our blog instruction to focus on retention of the information
Administrative captain and intelligence commander, 25 years.

This presentation was exceptionally well organized, engaging, and visually appealing. The instructor’s delivery was confident and articulate making it easy for the class to follow along and stay engaged.

This class gave me valuable knowledge and strategies that I can apply to my training curriculum.
Captain of Training Unit

Absolutely amazing, that may be an understatement. K.D. is beyond knowledgeable and full of energy I was so glad I was able to attend.
Internal affairs 18 years.

Lieutenant Dillon is a dynamic instructor who is 100% investigated in the presentation. I have a great deal of experience in the use of force but I needed the knowledge on how to evaluate the use of force incidents in my role as an administrator.
Lieutenant patrol and criminal investigations 27 years.

Instructor was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and thorough. Made the subject matter easy to digest, retain and implement back at the agency level.
Detective Lieutenant 15 years.

Training exceeded my expectations, A +. Excellent explanations on case studies and real events. Thank you for your dedication and commitment.
Internal Affairs 21 years.

Presentation was well developed but failed to address how to undertake a review in a tactical, structured fashion. The presentation also contains no information that is relevant to New Jersey use of force guidelines program entitled concepts analysis but it was heavy on concepts and lacks in analysis content.
Detective Captain -16 years

Learned a lot of things I don’t know. I will be stealing some basic concepts about breeding for the basic riot control class that I teach. Excellent KD was able to hold my attention. Did not just read from a PowerPoint. Very knowledgeable and passionate about the material. Very good. 

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