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Overcoming Size Differences – St Louis Municipal & County Academy

St Louis County and Municipal Police Academy St Louis MO

26 officers attended the SOLD OUT course represented by 13 agencies within St Louis County MO and Illinois.

•“Showed great takedown maneuvers for female vs bigger subjects,
•“Instructors were great, kept the class motivated.”
•“I will have more confidence in myself to take control.”
•“It is perfect for any officer no matter what physical limitations.”
•“Being a new officer and female this will greatly improve my confidence in dealing with a variety of suspects I encounter.”
•“I was pleasantly surprised by the ratio of males to females in this course.”
•“Instructors were knowledgeable very interested in what they were teaching.”
•“The instructors expressed a real desire to teach and instruct us on techniques, no one tried to show us up or show off, they seem to truly care about the techniques and our safety.”
•“Instructors – well trained obviously studied their discipline a long time,”
•“K.D. was awesome great instructor did not hold anything back.”
•“ K.D. and Tina Benzi obviously know what they are doing and do a very good job teaching the techniques.”
•“This program provided me with very good mental ammunition.”
“I now have very specific and easy to administer moves to use in the future, I am sure they will come to use.”
“It will help me devise a plan B when plan A fails which may save my life.”
“Above expectations – of the preconceived for females only.”
•“I would recommend this class to all officers I work with.”
•“Best arrest and control course I attended in 15 years.”
Instructors – “The best!”
•Instructors – “Some of the best instructors I have here for training.”
“Break down of the skill sets was perfect.”

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