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PA – Use of Force Investigation and Analysis for Police Leaders Trainers and FTO’s

Manor Township Police Department – PA

Use of Force Investigation and Analysis for Police Leaders, Trainers and FTO’s
Offered Twice  Aug 30 OR Aug 31 2022
0800 – 1630 Hours

Over 30 officers from Pennsylvania attended and actively participated in the 2-day Use of Force Investigation and Analysis for Police Leaders, Trainers, and FTOs. In attendance were Police Chiefs, Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, and FTOs.

Please assess the quality of this presentation. Presented by Lt. Kevin Dillon (ret)
 25 out of 31 rated it at its highest level (Excellent) 5 rated it as (Very Good) 1 rated it as  (Avg)

This is what the attending students had to say:

  • Very knowledgeable and enjoyable and kept the subject interesting
  • Absolutely, best training I have ever had
  • Better training to prepare for what will occur
  • Absolutely one of the best training classes I have ever had been to. Just the best stuff on use of force for law enforcement
  • Very passionate about what he is teaching which, along with being knowledgeable and experienced adds to his credibility on this subject matter
  • Understanding why mistakes happen is critical to figuring out how to prevent or mitigate use of force mistakes made by officers
  • Excellent
  • Yes Yes Yes would like to see this in Lancaster County annually or every two years
  • Lt. Dillon -is probably one of the best instructors I’ve listened to in 30 years!
  • Great, I attended LEADSs and admire Lieutenant Dillon’s presentation style. Energetic and engaging
  • Professional, knowledgeable, presentation that keeps the attention
  • All administrators and district attorneys should attend
  • Well done, knows material well
  • Great quality training and a lot of great info
  • Administration should attend this training, with policymakers
  • Passionate, enthusiastic, strong knowledge space with real life applications
  • Videos are nice addition to training
  • Experienced and made the class interesting even though some of it is dry information
  • Excellent presentation
  • I’ll be taking some ideas to our chief for discussion
  • Very well prepared, clearly interested in improving our capabilities, relatable
  • Useful info for anyone that uses force
  • Gave me ideas on how to better structure use of force investigations
  • Great presentation, highly useful and great info for police
  • We plan on using, distributing use of force verbiage from slides to assist with resistance and aggression or reports
  • Great, like drinking from a fire hose, a lot of information!
  • Very informative, well delivered

Today every use of force incident is scrutinized frame by frame on a video and judged by untrained individuals  (especially within our own organizations) creating distrust and false narratives. The use of force analysis, investigation, and training is a complex continually evolving issue. This 1-day training session is designed for Police Leaders who, review, report, and instructor investigates police use of force incidents. The training will examine the most recent and up-to-date issues that specifically impact Leaders, IA investigators, and trainers concerning police use of force incidents. This course breaks down multiple issues ranging from daily officer citizen complaints, curriculum design, use of force reporting, tracking and trending, and investigation involving police use of force encounters. Instruction uses lectures, case studies, and demonstrations. “One improper technique changed the county!”


  • Legal applications of use of force – What is being reported
  • Early Intervention tracking for use of force
  • Reducing liability in use of force by deploying de-escalation strategies and documentation
  • Reducing liability and increasing officer safety by deploying tactical strategies
  • Strategies on responding to individuals that are considered special populations
  • How to avoid an “Eric Garner Incident”
  • How to avoid a “George Floyd Incident”
  • What steps have you taken to identify foreseeable incidents?
  • What to look for when tracking police use of force
  • Training curriculum selection and review
  • Coordination and strategies dealing with multiple officer engagements
  • Training measurements and performance – You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
  • Video recording issues regarding viewing and reporting
  • Immediate press release strategies ……Plus more.LT. KEVIN DILLON (ret) is a highly sought-after speaker and international trainer. He has lectured on use of force on executive issues throughout the country. He has developed 2 national law enforcement programs. L.O.C.K.U.P. Arrest and Control and L.E.A.D.S., Law Enforcement Active De-escalation Strategies (Approved by the US DOJ.). Lt. Dillon is a graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy, is certified by the Force Science Institute for  Analysis of Use of Force Incidents, certified by the Institute of  Prevention of In-Custody Deaths for Use of force and the Agitated States. Lieutenant Dillon is also a certified Litigation Specialist with A.E.L.E. His appearances include the International Association of Chief of Police (IACP), Commission of Accreditation for Law  Enforcement Agencies (CALEA®) and FBI Command College,  FBI  LEEDA  and DLG Use of Force Summits. He has appeared on CNN, Fox, NPR and is a contributing columnist to $195.00
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REGISTER for AUG. 30th, 2022

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Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center
101 Champ Blvd Lancaster, PA 17545
Contact: Chief Todd A. Graeff
Office – 717-299-5231


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