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Pete Soulis – Winning Mindset

Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office
Fergus Falls, Minnesota
April 24th, 2014

Winning Mindset with Pete Soulis

This eight-hour session, presented by Pete Soulis will explore the dynamics of winning deadly force encounter.  Officers will be presented with factual documentation of police related shootings for which the instructor was either directly or indirectly involved in as a police officer as well as Afghanistan.  This presentation is intended to provide Officers with a first hand account of what actually occurs in an armed encounter.

Highlights include:

?  Tactical Considerations (taking personal responsibility for training)
?  Identify the methods/techniques for enhanced firearms proficiency
?  Define controlled aggression/warrior mindset
?  Identify common fatal errors made by law enforcement
?  Identify/explain the common effects of extreme stress referencing shooting situations
?  Basic elements to create the “survival triangle”
?  Benefits of being physically/mentally prepared to meet aggression, and the lethal consequences of indecisiveness



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