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Contact Weapons


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What are contact weapons and how are they used in violent crimes? Why can”t you “just shoot him”? Which contact weapons can severely injure or even kill you? What are the physiological and psychological effects of a violent attack on your person? What are the best-kept secrets to surviving personal combat? What are the basic skills you should have to win any fight?

CONTACT WEAPONS: Lethality and Defense spans the course of human existence. From the time the first primitive man got whacked in the melon by another knuckle dragger with a rock all the way up to the modern computer age, countless human beings have been brutally murdered and mutilated by contact weapons. This volume will expose you to a number of these cases, their specifics, why the victim was killed or maimed and the tactical do”s and don”ts of each scenario.

This book is presented by world-renowned operational skills/defensive tactics professional Steve Tarani and highly respected veteran homicide/violent crimes detective Damon Fay.

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