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Fort Collins, CO – Responding to Violence and Hostility In the Educational Environment


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Larimer County Sheriff’s Office
Responding to Violence and Hostility In the Educational Environment

March 11, 2019 / 0800 – 1600 Hours

This 8 hour training program is designed for all personnel working within the educational environment. The course teaches the psychophysiological aspects individuals experience during critical incidents and emotional intensity. The workshop covers the challenges individuals face attempting to address violent incidents, personal conflicts or abnormal behavior within the educational environment. Lieutenant Kevin Dillon (Ret) introduces a program that explorers an individual’s cognitive and physical capabilities during violent outbreaks and effective response strategies. “Your brain dictates your physiological changes during crisis, your training will dictate your response.” Lt. Kevin Dillon (ret).

• Identify the principles of personal protection within the educational environment.
• Risk management practices for daily protection.
• Identify body language and threat identification.
• Identify verbal cues – “What’s really being said.”
• Communications skills during emotional intensity.
• How to avoid communications that may be negative and make positive.
• Identify the professional benefits of respect.
• How to address psychophysiological changes that occur during aggression.
• Learn skills to enhance environmental and situational awareness.
• Learn autonomic changes that effect behavior and performance.
• Learn importance of developing basic pre-planned response systems.
• Learn strategies for fear management and control during violent encounters.

Lt. Kevin Dillon (ret) is a highly sought after speaker and international trainer. He has developed 2 nationally recognized programs and gives presentations to civilian workplace professionals for the past 13 years in Active Diffusion Strategies. The techniques and methods he instructs are evidence based and retainable. Civilian workplace professionals such as educational institutions, airline industries, real estate organizations, hospital medical staff, probation and court counselors He has appeared on CNN, NPR and multiple other radio talk shows for law enforcement tactics and civilian responses to human aggression and violence.

Hosting Contact

Larimer County Sheriff’s Office
2501 Midpoint Dr. Fort Collins, CO 80525
Mallory Rutherford – Training Coordinator Desk: 970-498-5186 / Email –

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