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Jordan, MN – Basic Firearms Instructor Training


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SCALE Regional Training Facility
Basic Firearms Instructor Training May 1 – 5, 2017

Instructional Objectives:
Distinguish the difference between qualification & gun fighting
Demonstrate problem shooter diagnostics and remediation
List the 3 types of adult learners
List & Demonstrate the 6 components of lesson delivery
List the components of an effective visual presentation
Develop a lesson plan to address fundamental & advanced firearms skills
Demonstrate proficiency with their issued duty weapons including:

? The 4-step draw
? Sighted fire and Point shooting
? Rapid reloads
? Clearing malfunctions
? Movement
? Close Quarter Gun Fighting
? One-hand shooting (dominant & support hand)
? Support-hand draw
? Positional Shooting
? Low-light shooting principles
? Stress Drills
? Gun Fighting
? Multiple Assailants
? Patrol rifles
? Transitions from long gun to handgun
? Qualification


SCALE Regional Training Facility Manager
17706 Valley View Drive
Jordan, MN 55352 / 952.496.8948



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