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JuJitsu Volume 1


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Building on the skills taught in Jujitsu Vol 1, instructor James Kodzis focuses on submissions: how to attain control of your opponent and how to defend against common submissions holds. Learn a number of techniques from each of the primary jujitsu positions: The side mount, north and south, back mount, guard position. After James Kodzis teaches each submission, his training partner, show you how to defend against it, exposing weaknesses in each technique that will allow to escape each position. This format makes it easy to practice offense and defense with your training partner, progressively adding skills to your grappling repertoire. In addition to submission holds, learn jujitsu conditioning drills, techniques for passing the guard, reversals from the guard, effective use of striking techniques from all of the major positions on the ground: Maintaining control when striking on the ground, Defending against knee attacks, Elbows and punches from the mount from the mount, Putting all the skills togther. Together with Jujitsu Vol 1, this DVD is a complete course in the essential techniques of jujitsu with an emphasis on defeating a larger or stronger opponent with control, leverage and technical superiority. James Kodzis has over 20 years in the martial arts including Jujitsu, Karate, wrestling and boxing. He has also worked in law enforcement for over a decade. ” I have had several Jujitsu stylist approach me and want to instruct for They were all skilled in their craft but I needed someone who has experienced real street altercations and how to apply a realistic combative philosophy with it. James Kodzis and Rob Magao are those two!” Lt. Kevin Dillon (Ret) President of KFD Training and Consultation LLC and


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