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Middletown, CT – Soulis Shooting One Day Counter Ambush for Patrol


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Soulis Shooting One Day Counter Ambush for Patrol

May 2, 2016

The Soulis Shooting Systems Firearms One Day Counter Ambush course is to provide imme-diate action counter measure responses to deadly force firearms engagements. The student will learn the fundamental principles of combat firearms tactics and marksmanship utilizing the Soulis Shooting System. This course is designed for officer survival, the use of deadly force and firearms proficiency during ambush situations.

? Discuss the 4 firearms safety rules
? Perform a function check of the patrol pistol
? Discuss the sighting system for the pistol
? Discuss the fundamentals of handgun marksmanship
? Discuss developing your combat platform
? Discuss the 4 stages of the proper draw of the issued duty handgun
? Discuss the proper immediate action techniques from hand to hand to the handgun
? Discuss the proper technique for addressing malfunctions of the handgun
? Discuss the proper load and unload techniques for the handgun
? Discuss and demonstrate standing/kneeling/prone firing positions for the handgun
? Discuss and demonstrate 90 and 180 degree turns with the handgun
? Discuss and demonstrate reloading from grounded shooting positions
? Discuss surgical shot placement in confined quarters
? Discuss backstop considerations
? Discuss and demonstrate proper follow through
? Discuss the importance of vision in a dynamic shooting environment
? Plus more!

Student requirements
Duty issued Hand gun
3 Hand gun magazines
Duty issue patrol holster and duty belt
Ballistic vest
Eye and hearing protection
500 rounds of handgun ammunition

Hosted By

Contact – Ofc. Frank Scirpo
Middletown CT Police Department
222 Main Street Middletown, CT 06457



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