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Police Combat Tactics Vol #1


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In this DVD Lt. Dillon shares with you the many strategies and tactics he has used in his extensive law enforcement / SWAT career. The techniques and concepts have been proven and effective against violent combatants on the streets…not just in the gym! This DVD builds on the tactics and strategies presented on Volume One, teaching you how to effectively neutralize, takedown and handcuff a suspect while minimizing risk to yourself, your team members and innocent bystanders.

Topics covered such as:
Striking to create specific reactions,
Effective targeting during combat,
Close Quarter Kicking,
Rear Sentry Takedown,
Escapes from common holds,
Defensive strategies against armed attackers,
Handgun positioning and retention,
Teamwork and situational strategies,
Understanding threat levels,
When to strike first.
Plus much more!

This is a well done, informative and balanced (action and dialogue) DVD. Lt. Dillon is obviously well versed in theroy and application of these life saving techniques. He has created a style of self defense (LOCKUP) specifically for law enforcement and military personnel. The approach is non-lethal and result is a smart sophisicated “street fighting” what better way to handle hostile aggressors. Our police officers and members of the military need this training!” Mr. Dave Peters ( Former USMC)
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