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This comprehensive workshop is designed for any and all personnel working within an educational setting.  The course teaches the physiological and physical aspects individuals experience during violent altercations and covers the challenges educational personnel face attempting to address violent incidents. Lieutenant Kevin Dillon (Ret.) breaks down an individual’s cognitive and physical capabilities during violent critical incidents and teaches how to match physiological changes with an effective pre programmed response.
This workshop can be delivered in a 4 or 8 hour format.

Participants learn

  • introduction of principles of self protection,
  • risk management for daily protection,
  • body language – threat identification,
  • verbal cues – what’s really being said,
  • environmental awareness,
  • dynamics of aggression,
  • physical and physiological changes of violence,
  • heart rate responses,
  • autonomic changes,
  • dealing with and identifying fear,
  • redirecting the thought process,
  • strategies for fear defense,
  • numerous levels and fear factors,
  • responses to physical attacks,
  • gross motor skill responses,
  • dealing with workplace violence, and
  • physical techniques and defense maneuvers  (by request).

“Very well presented and exceeded my expectations. Definitely transferred his training to relevant presentable facts.”
William J. Pizzuto, University of Connecticut
Director – Waterbury Campus

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