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RI – SOLD OUT!   L.O.C.K.U.P. – Triple Instructor Certification Handcuffing – OC Spray And Police Baton

RI – SOLD OUT! L.O.C.K.U.P. – Triple Instructor Certification Handcuffing – OC Spray and Police Baton

Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Academy   SOLD OUT!
Triple Instructor Certification
Handcuffing – O.C. Spray & Expandable / Straight Police Baton
May 2 – 6, 2022

Congratulations to the graduates of the Triple Instructor Certification – Handcuffing – O.C. Spray & Expandable / Straight Police Baton Instructor training hosted by the Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Academy. Officers from RI, ME, CT, and Saipan attended the intensive 5-day training program. The attending students participated actively throughout the entire week.

100% of attending students rated this course at the highest level of EXCELLENT!
This is what the students had to say:

  • Highest level of training and expertise. Knowledge and teaching experience are incredibly valuable.
  • As a DT instructor, the training will help improve our department’s training, especially with multiple officer handcuffing
  • It prepares me to be a better instructor with good skills and discipline to take to the street
  • 100% relevant and needed
  • A great mix of case law, videos, physical demonstrations, and physical work
  • Excellent examples and instructions on how to teach properly to our own Police Department
  • I am more confident in making a decision to use force in a way that is not and does not look excessive
  • Usage of PowerPoints and videos showed proper and improper techniques to develop a learning sketch
  • Instructors were professional, engaging in showed they knew what they were teaching and the reasons behind it
  • The class engaged throughout the entire week
  • Fantastic, all relevant with real-world applications and tie ins
  • Very professionally done, the PowerPoint with videos made it more interesting
  • I enjoyed the chunking portion of the practical applications, help me to comprehend
  • It should be mandatory department-wide
  • Flipcharts with the information staying around help with retention, and demonstration and video breakdowns were great to help to understand
  • Fantastic was engaging, kept the mind constantly involved
  • Excellent training what is your everyone who is going wants to teach the material
  • Improve my handcuffing ability. Quality instruction on team handcuffing tactics
  • All topics were discussed thoroughly it presented in a clear fashion
  • Exceeded expectations
  • It will help other officers understand why training is important and not just another chore they have to do
  • Instructors: Lt. Dillon,  dynamic move sets capturing presenter, Lt. Bissonette, very knowledgeable in this course, Percy Smith very articulate, great focus on the small details
  • Best around
  • Offering multiple uses of force options, love the multiple officer drill

This is an intensive five-day training program to develop instructors in Handcuffing, Oleoresin Spray, and Police Baton (Fixed or Expandable). This is a law enforcement instructor course developing integrated concepts within the less-lethal options used by law enforcement. Law enforcement encounters are not restricted to one less-lethal option and are integrated using different disciplines. This course brings those options together in an instructor format.

Through lectures, demonstrations, physical hands-on skill development, and practical scenario applications this course is designed to develop instructors in Handcuffing, OC Spray, and Police Baton. Students will be instructed in legal aspects of the use of force and physical applications pertaining to officer defensive tactics. Students will be instructed in using the amount of force necessary and reasonable to control a violent resisting or combative suspect(s). Students will also be instructed in the teaching methodologies needed to instruct physical applications and test students for competency. Emphasis will focus on developing a strong knowledge of immediate restraint and control tactics that are a direct, proportionate, and measured response to all levels of resistance and aggression in multiple types of environmental settings.

Handcuffing Instructor Training

  • Nomenclature of the hinged and chain-link handcuffs.
  • Handcuffing passive and resistant suspects.
  • Practical exercises of handcuffing maneuvers.
  • Departmental policy sample discussion.
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform team takedowns and handcuffing maneuvers.
  • Documentation and report writing.
  • Safe Removal of handcuffs from suspects.
  • Controlling handcuffed combatants.
  • L.O.C.K.U.P. ® tactics integrated.

Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Spray Instructor Training

  • Identify the various ingredients and strengths of (OC) spray.
  • Identify current legal/policy issues in the use of (OC) spray.
  • Identify the physical, psychological, and physiological effects
  • Management protocols re: medical, and decontamination procedures.
  • Identify the most effective (OC) delivery methods.
  • Identify the flammable characteristics of (OC) spray.
  • Identify the placement of OC on the “Use of Force Spectrum”.
  • Identify pre-existing medical conditions that may be aggravated by OC.
  • Identify verbal commands/warnings that should accompany
  • Deployment of OC.
  • Properly documenting the use of OC.
  • Tactical considerations: various canisters, holsters, and retention.
  • Draw techniques.
  • Perform a tactical OC exposure and restraint of a simulated “active” resistive subject.

Baton Instructor Training  Straight & Expandable

  • Legal aspects of police use of force.
  • Baton deployment and purpose.
  • Baton justification.
  • Basic baton strikes.
  • Body mechanics and footwork.
  • Documentation and tracking use of force.
  • Baton nomenclature.
  • Universal platforms.
  • Baton blocking principles.
  • Baton body manipulations.
  • Troubleshooting student performance.
  • L.O.C.K.U.P. ® tactics integrated.


Camp Fogarty, 2841 S. County Trail, East Greenwich, Rhode Island.
Stephen A. Lombardi, Director of Continuing Education  Office Phone is 401-205-1678.

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