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RI – Use of Force Investigation and Analysis for Police Leaders

Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy

Use of Force Investigation and Analysis for Police Leaders and Trainers

April 29 – 30, 2024   0830 – 1630 Hours

Today every use of force incident is scrutinized frame by frame on a video and judged by untrained individuals  creating distrust and false narratives. Use of force analysis, investigation, and training is a complex continually evolving     issue.   This 2-day training session is designed for Police Leaders who, review, report,  instruct, or investigates police use of force incidents. The training will examine the most recent and up to date issues that specifically impact Leaders, IA  investigators, and Trainers concerning police use of force incidents. This course breaks down  multiple issues ranging from daily officer citizen complaints,  curriculum design, use of force reporting, tracking and trending, and  investigation involving police use of force encounters. Instruction uses lectures, case studies, and  demonstrations. “One improper technique changed the county!”    


  • Legal applications of use of force – What is being reported
  • Early intervention tracking for use of force
  • Reducing liability in use of force by deploying de-escalation strategies and documentation
  • Quantification of force mitigation tactics and de-escalation
  • Reducing liability and increasing officer safety by deploying tactical strategies
  • Strategies on responding to individuals that are considered special populations
  • Identify 5 steps to of reviewing use of force incidents.
  • How to avoid an “Eric Garner or George Floyd Incident”
  • What steps have you taken to identify foreseeable incidents?
  • Define and categorize sixteen definitions pertaining to police use of force
  • Discuss human performance factors that occur under stressful encounters
  • What to look for when tracking police use of force
  • Training curriculum selection and review
  • Coordination and strategies dealing with multiple officer engagements
  • Training measurements and performance – You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
  • Video recording issues regarding viewing and reporting


Course Flier


Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Academy
1762 Louisquisset Pike – Lincoln, RI 02865
Contact – Stephen A. Lombardi
Director of Continuing Education       401-205-1678 




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