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New Mexico LE Mental Health Summit

New Mexico Law Enforcement Mental Health Summit
Jan. 13, 2015

Lt. Kevin Dillon (Ret)
Use of Force for Executives – Command, Supervisors and Trainers

“A Departmental Approach”

The training will examine the most recent and up to date issues that specifically impact executive, mid-level managers and supervisors concerning police use of force incidents. This overview concentrates on multiple issues ranging from daily officer citizen complaints to investigative issues involving deadly force encounters. Instruction uses lecture and case review.


  • Dynamics of police engagements
  • Reducing liability in use of force
  • Know what to look for in UoF reporting
  • Officer behavior and accountability issues
  • Federal Consent decrees involving use of force
  • Psychophysiological aspects of violent encounters
  • Standardized departmental approach
  • Attention and how it relates to use of force
  • Officer perception, cognition and recall
  • Terminology and “priming”
  • Recent PERF finding and issues
  • Tracking and trending use of force
  • Video recording issues pro and con
  • Use of Force Scientific research
  • Taser issues and training


Chief Fred Radosevich, Edgewood PD – 505-281-5717
Anita Tafoya, LE Liaison – 800-432-2036
Marty Vigil, Chief Investigator – 505-771-7436


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